Monday, January 31


Still on the hunt for a chair. What do we think about this? Not very "mod," but clean lines & seemingly lovely. Check in out in the latest issue of Rue - more photos online. It looks pretty amazing. Kinda girlie, but maybe I need to "chick" my place up now that it is mine?
I am sure my roommate won't mind - right

Night Time Crafting

I am trying to be better about "projects." As in, I have so very many in my mind to take on, but I just haven't been taking the time to see them through. Sigh.

Well, I finally did tackle one - an easy one - but I actually finished it, so there. After work last Thursday, I took about 10 minutes to give this project a whirl. I had the perfect place too - I needed something to replace the spot where an old engagement photo used to hang. I had some leftover chalkboard paint from another project and an extra clipboard. A little masking tape and voila! So very very easy.

Chalkboard spray paint, a clipboard, and a headlamp - a much needed "crafting supply" for projects in the dark.

I didn't take any "during" shots as they were boring & it was dark. So, here is the final project! Recognize the quote? I printed it out. I love that I can erase this and write fun new things on here. And, I can clip whatever I want. Sort of a mixed media type of chalkboard?

From this to its new home. Above the bookshelf. I want to change all of this around, but it works for the time being. Boom - 10 minutes (not including dry time) and one craft project down. Now what?

Bag It?

I just got this. On the fence about it though. I got it because it has three different straps - one for holding it with your hand, a shoulder strap, and and a strap to wear it messenger style. It is big.
Maybe too bland? Meh?


This makes me happy on a Monday.
And coffee - lots of it.
But really, I wouldn't get through the day without this kind of goodness.

[via: My Favorite and My Best]

I want....

...this letter press from Social Science
If only I had unlimited funds and unlimited space in my house!!  

[Social Science, Tucson]

Friday, January 28

This weekend....

...I have a goal to actually try and use all the crazy kitchen tools. 

This weekend - I WILL...

make bread  (a yummy sugar free bread with banana and whole wheat)

make juice (carrot ginger!  grapefruit!) 

 make pasta (maybe even ravioli...)

Thursday, January 27

make this...

I made this last night for dinner - Hummus Vegetable Pizza - sounds strange but very good.  I would recommend to make it with a whole wheat crust and bring for lunch.  Easy and Yummy.

[found on poppytalk]

I want to be here now...

Within me...

This is one of my most favorite quotes (I have had it on my FB page for years now) as winter just seems to draaaaaag on forever here sometimes. I mean, I love that I live in a place where the seasons change. I love that I live in a place where I get to ski. I also know that I would trade in these Sorels for a pair of my most favorite flip flops in a heartbeat.
Hurry Hurry Summer!

Wednesday, January 26

Wow - just wow.

While on the topic of cursive font - check out this amazing book sculpture by Isaac Salazar.  

[image found on We are 1976]

About a boy....

For Cathy - this would be great in a baby boy's nursery!

[found on Albie Design]

Tuesday, January 25

Nice Package...

I wrapped a gift for a friend's birthday - attempting this.
Maybe a little goofy, but a fun little project. Instant cheer.

I have come to realize that I need a new camera though.
Stat. Sorry for the grainy image.

Monday, January 24

Hot mama!

I recently found this picture of my mom with my older sister from ~ 1975/1976.   Check out Nona's super cute haircut, sunglasses, and outfit.  So stylish. 
Is it weird to be jealous of my mom when she was 29? 

thinking about...

Friday, January 21


[found on style/SWOON]

Thursday, January 20

This weekend....

I am super excited for the Nuevo Bazaar in Downtown Tucson this weekend!

  And yes, our Crafternoon Collective is debuting out talents as "Needle Exchange."

[logo by the talented Dennis Fesenmyer]

I have been busy making baby onsies and cards.  I have heard reports from fellow crafters that there are knitted cacti, baby blankets, purses, and lots more!!

I promise a full report after it is over!  Seriously, wishing I could just craft all day to prepare....

Wednesday, January 19

Well written...

A friend just posted this photo on Facebook.
She recently ran across a cursive typewriter while on a business trip.
Who wants one? Well, me, for sure. Swoon.

Tuesday, January 18

I want.... make this skirt.  In a million cute fabrics. As a relatively new(ish) seamstress, I like looking for simple and practical patterns.  Hopefully I can try this one soon! 

 [found on Burda Style]

Sunday, January 16

Social Science

A recent trip to a new "Junk Shop" in Tucson - Social Science - made me very happy.   
I snapped a few photos - see below.  
Such great finds, creative displays, and super nice people that work there.  
Check out the blog for updates of what is in the store.  

Crafternoon turned one!

Our Tucson Sunday "I want to Make it with you" Crafternoon turned 1 year old this month.  Looking forward to another great year of friends, crafting and drinking craft beer!

[Crafternoon cupcakes]

Friday, January 14

Currently Loving...

Are you ready? It is almost the weekend! TGIF. In celebration of a week well done, a few of my favorites from the blogs this week. Have the bestest weekend everyone.

And it goes on and on. Open Shelving. I just can't get enough.
[via: It's Mary Ruffle]

My motto for 2011.
[via: Abbey Goes Design Scouting]

Loving this so very much. An Awesome Book of Thanks

Ready for spring already. I want to look this fabulous...minus the socks.
[from: J.Crew]

Future crafting project.
[via: Simple Lovely]

Loving a spotted sofa.
[via: I Suwannee]

I should probably own this. High fives people.
[from: EmersonMade]

This bathroom is boomsticks.
[from: Lonny Magazine]

This speaks to me. It just does.
[via: It's Mary Ruffle]

Thursday, January 13

In love...

...with this kitchen.  

[found on Head over Heels]

Wednesday, January 12

I want...


[from: Anthropologie (of course)]

Monday, January 10


Taking a moment - or a few days - of silence from blog world and everything for a few days. 

Thursday, January 6


Sigh. So, guess who is losing this chair in the breakup?
Yep. Me. I tried my best to fight for it, but in the end - I lost. Boo.

So, now the hunt begins for a replacement and here is where I need your help. What should I get? I want something cool with great lines. Vintage (or vintage like) would rock my world. I do not want to spend a couple hundred bucks on something that I am not willing to ever move with me (if I ever move). I also don't want to break the bank. I like to buy investment pieces though. So, any and all suggestions much appreciate here.

And, goodbye chair - how I picked that fabric just for you, for me, for my condo.
I am sad to have to say goodbye.

Tuesday, January 4

Growing, Growing......

The Bump in all it's glory! I have really popped in the last week. Isn't this measuring stick too cute for measuring a little one? I think it will go on my list of must-haves.