Saturday, July 31

Happy Blogger Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ciggity! I hope your day is full of lots of love & laughter.
Celebrating with you in spirit.

[image: Design*Sponge]

Friday, July 30

b-day shirt

from anthro.

Tuesday, July 27

Radio Silence

Hi guys. Sorry for the radio silence. I am going through some personal stuff right now & need to take some time for myself. I promise to return soon with bigger, better posts. Thanks for understanding. I will keep reading though, so keep your posts coming. Love.

[image: Cuba Gallery]

Tuesday, July 20

B-day Month, oh yes it is! it's July, and it's my b-day month. My birthday generally consists of me and my honey with a lot of champagne, too many cupcakes, and an amazing dinner. I want to go TF is my TV boyfriend, but alas they are totally booked up unless we want to eat at 11pm 5 nights before or after my b-day. boo.

Then I got this in the mail.....It is a 15% off coupon to Anthro. Great, right? The creativity that comes out of that place baffles and inspires me all at the same time. I am already thinking of making b-day cards with candles glued on....All is well again in b-day month.

In Unrelated to my b-day are 2 more shots of the living room. It is done, but now I gotta work on adding some more personal got too matchy. Note new linen Drapery and Hardware....

Here is also a bedroom preview...don't have a good picture of the peacock yet.

Monday, July 19

New England in the Summer...

This weekend.....we were only there for 30 hours, but it was completely worth it!

Thursday, July 15

Au revoir!

I am off!  Very excited about the upcoming travels to France and Scotland.  
Many pictures, notes, and inspiration.  I promise.  

In honor of the is a fun game that Michael sent me (via the kitchn)  - 

I would take any one of these kitchens....lovely. 

Happy Friday! 

[found on the kitchn]

Rip Off...

Have you all seen the latest AT&T commercials on TV? My opinion is that they are a total rip-off, despite their "legal clause" stating otherwise at the end of the ad. Who signed off on this? What ad team thought this was a good idea? This is all a total rip-off of Christo & Jeanne-Claude. If you don't know them, you should. Cathy & I had the joy of learning all about Christo & Jeanne-Claude one summer during an Art History class with Gigi (or as a fellow student called her, Gig-ee). I had the pleasure of seeing Christo & Jean-Claude in Telluride during Mountainfilm a couple of years ago. Seeing them in person only made me appreciate them more.

Anyway, shame on you AT&T for stealing their concept - and doing so poorly with the execution. Boo.

The real deal.
The Gates, Central Park, New York City, 1979 – 2005

AT&T’s “Blanket” Commercial, released May, 2010

This does not make it better.

PS. I still want an iPhone though. Sigh.

[images: via Design Crisis]

Wednesday, July 14

My thoughts exactly...

[image: via CarrieCan]


I totally want to revamp our condo. It just feels so "tired" to me. I think with some fresh paint & some new accessories I could accomplish a face-lift pretty easily. Now, the only question is where in the world do I find the time?
Anyway, today this image is speaking to me. Grayish walls. Linen table cover. Red chevron pillow. White lamp. The wheels are turning.

[image: via Erin ever After]


Last night we went to the 1st of a new monthly event - a Spelling Bee for Adults at Sky Bar in Tucson.  It was wonderful!  Sign-ups to participate were full by the time we got there, but it was super fun watching and cheering on the spellers.   Congrats to our fellow Crafternooner - Janet - she was the winner! 

Tuesday, July 13


So, with a little help from Justin, I tackled a personalized baby present I have been thinking about for months now. My friend, Scientist Susan & her husband Murray recently welcomed to the world their beautiful daughter, Ruby. You can probably tell by my calling her "scientist" that Susan is, well, a scientist. To be more specific, she is a chemist. And, to honor Mama Susan - I decided to get crafty with the Periodic Table in creating a customized onesie for Ruby. I don't think this all that creative, but the parents seem to love them, they were fun to make, and hopefully Ruby digs wearing these one day soon.

We printed out the design on our home printer using iron on paper.

Justin lines up the first onesie for me.

I iron.


Of course we have to add a little bit of "us" for booty baby! Congratulations Susan & Murray!

Embroidery Obsessed

I am truly obsessed with embroidery lately. I am mostly just using a fabric pen and making my own designs, but I am also loving Sublime Stitching - I cannot wait to get some of their patterns! 

Monday, July 12

I'm doing this...

This will happen for some future project. I never thought about doing this with my happytape! Love. Thank you Simple Lovely for the idea.

Music Monday

I simply cannot get this song out of my head. It's like a sick obsession.
Hope you get it stuck in your head too!
Un, Deux, Trois.

Friday, July 9

New Blog Crush

You might already read this blog, but it is new to me.  It is all about PAPER!  

Check it out - Oh So Beautiful Paper

Party in the USA

A fun Friday song and video:

My friend Michael sent me this video and said it was his inspiration for his upcoming vacation to Fire Island Pines.   Happy weekend!

Thursday, July 8

Right Now...

I want to be here. Sigh.
Instead it is raining cats & dogs. And, tonight is
our big annual fundraiser at Pinhead. Off to raise beaucoup bucks in the name of all things science. I promise to be back on track with posts next week.

[image: via Oh Joy!]

Morning mantra...

[found on FRYD + DESIGN]

Wednesday, July 7

Travel Time

We leave in 1 week and 1 day for a trip to France and Scotland.  I cannot believe that our travel time is almost here! 

A few travel inspired items I have been coveting lately...

[found at J.Crew]

[found at critter jitters]

[found at Graham & Green]

Friday, July 2

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you get to see some great fireworks wherever you are!

[image: lydiafairy]

Farmer's Market Friday

Today's purchase...squash. Yum.

PS. Sorry about the gross office carpet.

Thursday, July 1

I want...

J. Crew, why oh why do you tease me with your lovely wares? These glasses need to be in my possession. Darn you with your $395 price tag. Sigh.