Tuesday, July 20

B-day Month, oh yes it is!

OK...so it's July, and it's my b-day month. My birthday generally consists of me and my honey with a lot of champagne, too many cupcakes, and an amazing dinner. I want to go here....as TF is my TV boyfriend, but alas they are totally booked up unless we want to eat at 11pm 5 nights before or after my b-day. boo.

Then I got this in the mail.....It is a 15% off coupon to Anthro. Great, right? The creativity that comes out of that place baffles and inspires me all at the same time. I am already thinking of making b-day cards with candles glued on....All is well again in b-day month.

In Unrelated to my b-day news...here are 2 more shots of the living room. It is done, but now I gotta work on adding some more personal touches...it got too matchy. Note new linen Drapery and Hardware....

Here is also a bedroom preview...don't have a good picture of the peacock yet.


Sonchia said...

Nice work. Dig it. Happy (early) Birthday!

Rebecca said...

The living room is looking wonderful! Busy seems to be enjoying it as well.

Agreed about Anthro. A few years ago I got a friend a gift card from there and it was wrapped in a super cute paper 3D flower. Amazing.