Thursday, September 30

A year in the life....

....of a book.  Did you see this already? Found on what possessed me.

I thought it was pretty...

Crushing On...

Amanda Talley. She rocks. This is not a recent crush, this is a long-standing, deep-seated love. I dig her paintings - everything she does is awesome. That she is based in New Orleans only solidifies my crush further.
Check her out. Like now.


I am totally digging this bedroom today. Sort of a masculine vibe thing happening.
The suzani on the bed - yummy goodness.

[via: My Favorite and My Best]

Wednesday, September 29


In general, this kitchen rocks. But what is totally killing me today is that light fixture.
It takes the whole thing to the next level.

[image: S.R. Gambrel]

Right Now...

This is Telluride. Right now.
Fall is my new favorite - I never ever want it to end.

[image: stolen from Ben Knight]

Tuesday, September 28

Best time to Buy

Thank you Dennis for sharing this - Love the layout and the info! 
Click on the picture below to see a larger image....

[found on]

House Envy Tour

This weekend I hope to check out the AIA Tucson Home Tour which will have 5 homes from the Modern 50 MAPP series (check out more photos here), urban infill homes and reuse projects

DIY: Future Project

Remember these cards that I bought on my visit to Savannah last year? I have been meaning to do something with them.

I ran across this idea on Etsy today. Looks great, something simple that I could (& will) do. That someone would pay $78 to buy this already framed version is simply crazy to me.
This is a great DIY in the making.


This poster today.

"Organized according to semantics like alphanumeric names (D-12), queens (Queen Latifah) and "audacious misspellings" (Ginuwine, Xzibit), the Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names Poster by Pop Chart Lab visually arranges 266 rap names."

I feel like Rebecca might like this offering from Pop Chart Lab better which visually organizes all of
The Very Many Varieties of Beer.

Monday, September 27

Latest Craft

At Sunday Crafternoon I tried to recreate this necklace I found on Etsy.  I am happy with it, but I need to practice more - making the wire letters is harder than I thought!

[the inspiration - from PianoBenchDesigns]
[my attempt - photo taken by Cindy] 

Sunday, September 26

Tired Trends X 2

Remember this post about overdone design trends?  Check this out - chevron AND antlers.  

Friday, September 24

More Music Mania

Remember this post featuring amazing cassette artwork?

Well, while flipping through the channels recently (I was home sick for 4 days, I watched a lot of TV) - I saw this video below on VH1. I know nothing about Bruno Mars, but loved that they found inspiration from the amazing artwork by Erike Iris Simmons. Check it out.


I am so digging this new fabric from DwellStudio - who has partnered with established fabric showroom Robert Allen to offer a unique collection called Eclectic Modern.
Thinking I may need to call up some "trade" people I know to get my hands on this lovely fabric for some hot pillow action for my "new" bedroom.

This weekend...

I am going to head to GLOW up in Oracle, AZ this weekend.  Should be pretty magical. 
GLOW 2009 from Mykl Wells (a fellow Tucson Crafternooner!)


'Nuff said.

[from: And I Love You She Said]

Thursday, September 23


This new calendar from SeeSaw. Once I get moved into my new room & feel a bit more settled, I may just need to treat myself. I can see each of these patterns framed hanging together sort of gallery wall style above the loveseat in my new room. Wheels they are a'turnin. Stay tuned.

Bow Wow

Silly. Super. Dig it.

Wednesday, September 22


This room makes me happy. The end.

[image: birch & lily]


Thought for the day. Yes. Indeed.

[from: Dear Colleen]


Wallpapered dressers? Yes, please and thank you. From Bryonie Porter.

How cute would this be in a kids room? Future project? Maybe.

Tuesday, September 21


This hydrangea pendant today. Lovely.

[via: Poppytalk]

I want...

I am a sucker for craft/sewing/knitting books.   They are all so pretty.  I saw this one at a bookstore in Edinburgh.  If only I had time to actually do the projects in the book. 

The perfect veggie burger

Since I am married to a vegetarian, I eat a lot of veggie burgers.  The black bean burger at B Line - wonderful.  The queer steer burger at The Cup Cafe - lots of good flavor.  But I have to say, this recipe that Liz introduced me too is the best.  If you make it at home - double the recipe and freeze for later.  It is a lot of work for just 4 burgers.  Also - I mashed the beans to help with the texture of the patties.  Yummy!

Monday, September 20

In love...

Wasabi Caviar. Seriously. Get some. As in now. Uh-may-zing.

Friday, September 17

Photo of the Week

Etherton Gallery posts photo of the week on their Facebook page.  I love these two!  (No credits were given of who took these...but still had to post them!)

This little light of mine...

Should be mine.

[from: Magpie & Rye]

P cheese

Pimento cheese sandwiches were a lunch/snack staple when I was growing up (and still is - as Cathy knows - my mom loves to have it ready for us when we visit).  Maybe it is a Southern thing, but to me, P chesse (as we call it) is comfort.  

Today I packed my P cheese for lunch and it makes me miss my mom.  

My Pimento Cheese recipe: 

-1 bag shredded Trader Joe's cheddar cheese
-Low-fat TJ's mayo (add as much as you need to make it spreadable)
-Canned pimentos (or sometimes I get the roasted red peppers in the jar from TJ)
-Diced Green Onion
-Cracked black pepper 
-Toasted white bread for the sandwich
(I have also had friends add crispy bacon to the sandwich)

Wednesday, September 15

From the desk of....

For some reason, I really wanted a notepad that said  "From the desk of...."  I don't know why.  It's the little things at work that make me happy.  So I ordered them at Vista Print.  Very cheap and easy to customize.

Tired Trends

Have you all seen the latest posts on My Favorite and My Best? I am digging this discussion. The topic? What design trends are overdone? Jenny (and her followers) have commented on a lot of the trends that we need to be "done" with. I must admit, I am an offender with some of the trends discussed. As I am in the midst of revamping the condo (as a newly swinging single) I will be ridding myself of few of the very trends mentioned that I too am "over" in my own life. What other trends are you sick of?

Keep Calm and Carry On

Foo Dogs


Books - arranged by color

Subway/Train Station Signage


This table. These chairs. Boom.

[from: Making it Lovely]


Wishing this were my bedroom today. Love.

[via: You Are My Fave]



[via: CarrieCan]

Tuesday, September 14

Truly the Cutest

I am loving the new Fall inspired designs of Gracie Mae, by my super talented friend, Brooke. (Thank you to Mary of sister | brother for letting me know the new line is up!) I wrote about my envy of Brooke's sewing room here.  Seriously - I want these dresses in my size.  Plus - how cute are Annabel and Lily in these photos? (Can you tell I am a proud god-mother?) 


Thought for today. Well put.

[from: Ink+Wit]

Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprikash

I know this is so ridiculous - but When Harry Met Sally is honestly one of my favorite movies of all time.
I dig it. So "chick" of me.

Anyway, Design*Sponge has done an incredible design "living in" series on this great movie.


Dear Mr. Postman...

Just subscribed. Ready for a fun new print magazine to drool over. Yes.