Monday, September 27

Latest Craft

At Sunday Crafternoon I tried to recreate this necklace I found on Etsy.  I am happy with it, but I need to practice more - making the wire letters is harder than I thought!

[the inspiration - from PianoBenchDesigns]
[my attempt - photo taken by Cindy] 


Sonchia said...

Woah baby. Details? Directions? Amazing!

CathyP said...

you just took crafting to a whole new level.

Rebecca said...

It is not hard - just takes time. Get a small needle nose made for jewelry making. Also needed - a roll of silver chain and clasps. All of this is at craft stores. Basically plan out how to connect the letters in cursive and go for it! I messed up and did not cut enough wire- so it is a bit funky. My first attempt. We can make necklaces at our next weekend away together. Oh la la!

Sonchia said...

Don't you dare tease about a "next weekend." It needs to happen again soon.