Tuesday, September 7

It's back...

The Official Preppy Handbook. Yep. It's back. New & Improved. And better than ever.

In my bag of "must have" prepster tricks...

Lilly - of course.

Bass - only.

Lacoste - collar popped.

Mikimoto - duh.

LL Bean - monogrammed obviously.

What are your preppy must haves?


Matthew said...

Clearly, the J crew Broken in Polo. It says: I care, but not too much. And yea, it's "nantucket red," what's the problem?



Sonchia said...

Boom. All over your face. How could I forget...



Anonymous said...

I'm just going to creep into a hole somewhere until it is all over.

Rebecca said...

Ahh - I love the preppy look.
Preppy must haves for me - headbands.
My inner prep love also makes me want to learn how to play tennis - just to wear the outfits. Or golf.

Assuming you have read Prep - by Curtis Sittenfeld? So good.