Thursday, September 9

Drapes are Done!

Last week we finally got drapes installed in our loft!  The windows are 13 feet tall and although I love the natural light in the house - all the sun was starting to fade our furniture and mess with our early morning sleeping.  So...I had a wonderful decorator, Janis, from Calico Home come out to the house.  She brought many different fabrics and we settled on a blue/grey color that has a linen feel (but thicker).  It is lined with a cream color fabric on the outside that helps keep the light out.  Last week the drapes were installed.  The picture is not so great - hard to capture what they really  look like.  We are very happy with them, and it give the house a green/blue glow when the sun is setting/rising.  

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Sonchia said...

LOVE. I cannot wait to see them in person. Nice work & great color choice.