Friday, September 17

P cheese

Pimento cheese sandwiches were a lunch/snack staple when I was growing up (and still is - as Cathy knows - my mom loves to have it ready for us when we visit).  Maybe it is a Southern thing, but to me, P chesse (as we call it) is comfort.  

Today I packed my P cheese for lunch and it makes me miss my mom.  

My Pimento Cheese recipe: 

-1 bag shredded Trader Joe's cheddar cheese
-Low-fat TJ's mayo (add as much as you need to make it spreadable)
-Canned pimentos (or sometimes I get the roasted red peppers in the jar from TJ)
-Diced Green Onion
-Cracked black pepper 
-Toasted white bread for the sandwich
(I have also had friends add crispy bacon to the sandwich)


Sonchia said...

P Cheese was a staple at summer camp (TN - 11 years). I could never eat them - thought they looked so gross. Maybe I need a Becca special to change my tune?

Rebecca said...

Yeah it could totally look scary, and the mayo freaks me out - but I swear it is so good.