Wednesday, September 15

Tired Trends

Have you all seen the latest posts on My Favorite and My Best? I am digging this discussion. The topic? What design trends are overdone? Jenny (and her followers) have commented on a lot of the trends that we need to be "done" with. I must admit, I am an offender with some of the trends discussed. As I am in the midst of revamping the condo (as a newly swinging single) I will be ridding myself of few of the very trends mentioned that I too am "over" in my own life. What other trends are you sick of?

Keep Calm and Carry On

Foo Dogs


Books - arranged by color

Subway/Train Station Signage


Rebecca said...

Def. the keep calm and carry on although i still love it. Chevron! I can't get enough and still want a chevron rug.

Agreed with the clalkboard paint on her blog. I love it and will use at some point - but it does seem to be everywhere.

Hipster weddings -tee heem made me laugh.

Trying to think what is over done - in blog world esp.

-Classic books that have new designs (penguin did some, kate spade made purses, On tshirts, etc). Again - doesn't mean I don't love it - but they are every where.
-Anything with mustaches.
-cupcakes :)

Sonchia said...

Yes. Ditto to everything you said. Esp. the cupcakes & mustaches. The hipster weddings thing kills me - I am so over it.