Thursday, April 29

Run for the Roses

It is that time of year - time for the Kentucky Derby. I love the Derby - the hats, the Mint Juleps, the horse names ("Blind Luck," "Quiet Temper," "Mission Impazible")...the whole "southerness" of it all just gets me so excited. I love the jockeys in their colorful jerseys - stripes, polka dots, you name it. I love the build up to "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports." Yep, two minutes. And then it is over. It is the type of sport that just screams for a party. Will you be watching?

In honor of all things "derby" - a few items to get you ready for the "Run for the Roses."

Vintage Paint by Number Horse Painting

Vintage Mint Julep Silver Plate Cup
Make a yummy Mint Julep using this

I Heart Kentucky

Horse Racing Game Betting Tickets

Lucky Horseshoe Ring

Horse T-Shirt

Vintage 50s Horse Derby Drinking Glasses...The best feature of these glasses? Each glass has 3 frosted windows at the bottom for labeling. The first is labeled "GUEST" for the person's name, the second window has a space to write in the "DRINK", and the third is labeled "MIX". Love.

The Teeny Tiny Horse Stud Earrings

Vintage Prize Horse Ribbon

Horse Letterpress Card

Jockey Pendant

French Alphabet Le Cheval Equestrian Print Collage

This cracks me up. "Pony Tail" Hair Clip.

Do you Derby?

Art and Artifact

My sister has always made the best mix tapes.   Plus, with her perfectly small and neat handwriting she could fit all the songs/artists on the tape jacket.  We were big in to the mix tapes.  Having to find the perfect music for each occasion (the drive to school was particularly important - Night Moves/Bob Seager and This is the day/The The come to mind).  After camp, my friend Carie Beth and I would make mixes of the songs that reminded us of the summer.  I can remember at least two mix tapes that made me fall for a boy - you play me the right songs and I love you.  

I read this book - mix tape (edited by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth) -  at my sister's house the other day.   As described in this NPR story, the mix tape is both art and artifact.  The book is filled with pictures of the actual mix tape covers and quotes about mix tapes.   I already loved Kate Spade, but seeing her mix tape, made me love her even more (complete with Fleetwood Mac and The Faces).  

"In high school, I would drive around for any reason at all to smoke and listen to this tape."  
                                                - Kate Spade  ....ahhh so true....


Well sure, it is. From here.


Not exactly a "peek into my weekend," but rather more of a "peek into my evening." As often happens here in Telluride - last night we had one of our epic power outages. High winds & snow caused something to go down and the lights to go out. Luckily, we had made dinner just in time (we have an electric stove sadly), so we just plopped ourselves down and had a candlelight dinner - something we wouldn't have done on a random Wednesday night had the power been on. Justin decided to get all "artsy" with the camera - so, enjoy.

We have one of those "star" lamps that I bought in Tucson before graduating from college. It hangs above our dining room table. Justin loved the way the candles played off the glass.
(sorry about the pepper grinder in the shot)

A little grainy - sorry - but the shadows were cool.

Lots of candles and lots of wine.

Dear internet & television, I miss you.
(ps. the power finally went back on around midnight)
And now - today - it is blizzarding. Seriously, I need Spring to get here immediately.

Tuesday, April 27

If I could...

I would. Please - I know someone out there can do this. Sadly, I don't think I have the skills.
Or a sewing machine. I am in love. Directions

I want...

This. Anyone going to an IKEA anytime soon? Nearest store - Salt Lake City, 7 hours by car. I am jealous of you people out there who can just "pop by" a location at your leisure. Sigh.

Mobile Photo Booth

My latest iPhone app love goes out to the Mobile Photo Booth.  So fun!  It snaps 4 photos a few seconds apart and formats it like a photo booth for you.  

  [photos taken by my sis - Erin]


This makes me happy. Wooden cake stand - check. Science beaker (albeit random) - check.
Lovely neutral tones - check, check, check. Found via
Oh Joy!

A Peek in to my Weekend...

(1) horseshoes @ Claire and Jonathan's  (2) limes for mojitos  (3) embroidery card I made at crafternoon  (4) favorite things on a sunday morning (5) lazy cat

Monday, April 26

A boy or a girl?

I am on the fence about if I would find out the gender of a baby (no - I am not pregnant).  :)  Part of me is a planner and would want to know in order to get everything ready and the other part of me would love the anticipation and surprise.  Regardless, I am loving both of these ideas for baby boy or girl - reveal parties. 

Read about it on their blog here (thank you Christy for sending me this blog from your super cute friends!)

I make this!

Such a cute card idea.  Thank you for sending me this link Amy! Find the how-to here

Sunday, April 25

Crafternoon: Telluride

Guess who finally had her own "Crafternoon" session? There were only two of us - at my place - and we had a great time. Card making was the craft of choice this weekend.
Anything crafty going on with you?

The work table.

Brianne got creative with old calendars to make her cards.

Stamps, fun tapes, gluesticks. Well, and no project would be complete without Diet Coke.

PS. I received an acrylic block & some stamp things for my Birthday. I have no idea how to use it - it seems awkward. Any advice/thoughts?

Friday, April 23

Yes I do...

From here.

A year and a week...

A year and a week ago Scott and I eloped on Sentinel Peak in Tucson, Arizona. Here is a picture of the sign I took on the way to Sentinel (aka A mountain).

Yay! 1 year and 1 week!

Thursday, April 22

Can you feel it?

The weekend is nearly upon us! So...a little Weekend for your weekend, chock full of some of my favorite things: neon tape, geometric shapes, pendants, and cute boys. Friday afternoon can't get here soon enough!

Wednesday, April 21

My Mantra

Nothing could be more true. From here.


I am so loving flamestitch today. Thoughts? See more images here.
This Osborne & Little wallpaper is just killing me. Swoon.

Sewing Room Envy

I visited Brooke in Sacramento this weekend and was extremely envious of her 
sewing room! 

I might feel more motivated to sew if I could do it here! 

Amazing fabrics

SO cute!  Finished dress.  
From Gracie Mae found at Koula Kids 

Tuesday, April 20

I want....

...this house for sale by University Ave. in Tucson, AZ.   

Card Crazy

So - in case you don't know this about me, I am card obsessed. I buy cards all of the time. We have a dedicated drawer in our condo just to house all of the cards I purchase. It may be a bit crazy, but it comes in handy when we need to send out a last minute "Birthday/Baby/Get Well/Thank You/Congratulations" acknowledgment. Anyway, today I ran across some fun cards from Seltzer Goods. I have picked up a couple of their cards before, but it is great to see all of their offerings. I like the funny, quirky type of cards - vs. the sappy, sentimental type. Do any of you have "card drawers?" What are your favorite types of cards to send out - funny, sweet, store bought, handmade?

A few of my favorites from Seltzer Goods -

You betcha - dig it.

Words of encourgement.


Nothing could be more true.

They also make posters. I can't wait for it to warm up around here enough for me to "get my ride on" soon.

This is for my friend, Scientist Susan.