Thursday, April 29

Run for the Roses

It is that time of year - time for the Kentucky Derby. I love the Derby - the hats, the Mint Juleps, the horse names ("Blind Luck," "Quiet Temper," "Mission Impazible")...the whole "southerness" of it all just gets me so excited. I love the jockeys in their colorful jerseys - stripes, polka dots, you name it. I love the build up to "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports." Yep, two minutes. And then it is over. It is the type of sport that just screams for a party. Will you be watching?

In honor of all things "derby" - a few items to get you ready for the "Run for the Roses."

Vintage Paint by Number Horse Painting

Vintage Mint Julep Silver Plate Cup
Make a yummy Mint Julep using this

I Heart Kentucky

Horse Racing Game Betting Tickets

Lucky Horseshoe Ring

Horse T-Shirt

Vintage 50s Horse Derby Drinking Glasses...The best feature of these glasses? Each glass has 3 frosted windows at the bottom for labeling. The first is labeled "GUEST" for the person's name, the second window has a space to write in the "DRINK", and the third is labeled "MIX". Love.

The Teeny Tiny Horse Stud Earrings

Vintage Prize Horse Ribbon

Horse Letterpress Card

Jockey Pendant

French Alphabet Le Cheval Equestrian Print Collage

This cracks me up. "Pony Tail" Hair Clip.

Do you Derby?


Rebecca said...

Absolutely love this post. I pretty much love all things pony (even the freaky pony tail hair clip). I wish I could be at derby this weekend - we used to go in college and loved it. Yes, I placed my bets purely by the horses names. I got to visit the Kentucky Downs again a few years ago for the races @ my friend Shilpa's wedding. (not Derby but dressed up with fun hats anyway).

Here's to the horses!

Rebecca said...

ps. I really want the vintage derby drinking glasses!!