Sunday, April 4

Birthday Loot

Yep, this girl "turned the Bird" this weekend. Had a great dinner with friends & probably one too many cocktails Saturday night to celebrate. I got some great gifts from Justin this weekend that I wanted to share. Apparently "someone" has been reading this here little blog thing.

A set of these beautiful tea towels

Yes!! A new handbag for Spring.

I will be drinking lots and lots of wine out of this glass lovely.

Love these!

I also got an artichoke cookbook, a basket for my bike (woo hoo), & some other small goodies. I think 33 might be my best year yet!

Oh right. I also got this. A cockroach. In plexi. What every girl wants for their birthday - no? I have a severe aversion (such a nice way to put it) to reason we no longer live in the South. Justin picked this up during our last visit to Savannah at a very unexpected place - The Paris Market. Anyway, this is now on display in the house. Should make for some interesting conversations.


growfamilygrow said...

Happy 33rd!

Can your spouse have a word with my spouse? Mine totally skipped my b'day. Again. Sigh.

Rebecca said...

Agreed - I need Scott to take some lessons from Justin on gift buying. Scott asked me if I wanted a running GPS/watch or an iPad for my birthday.....ummm....I said, both of those gifts sound like something YOU want and should get for yourself. I reminded him I liked clothes, crafts, stuff for the house, etc...ugh.

Sonchia said...

Justin loves the blog because then he doesn't have to ask me for "my list" anymore. My problem now is I never know what to get him. He is one of those - "I want, therefore I buy." There is never the thought to "wait for your birthday/holiday." So, until he waits, his gifts continue to be lacking. Oh well.

Justin said...

In my defense, Apple always comes out with the hot new gadgets just after my birthday, which gets in the way of my 'early adopter' obsession and you know that I always need socks.

BTW - I think the photo of the cockroach is life-sized.