Thursday, April 1

Weekend Treat

I am super excited for this event in Tucson on Saturday to benefit KXCI.  
In Barrio Viejo.  
Great music.  
1pm and ends at sunset - perfect for my love of day drinking and going to bed early. 

Scott asked Joey from Calexico to play this song: 

[Calexico y Mariachis Luz de Luna cover of the Minutemen's "Corona"]


Sonchia said...

Sigh. FINALLY got to listen to this. Makes me miss Tucson so very much! Looks like you guys had an amazing time. Jealous.

Rebecca said...

It was so much fun. Perfect Tucson day - I got really sappy about it (probably from drinking 4 beers in the middle of the day...).

Totally wished for you - but next time! They will do it again.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to see Calexico with you in Tucson at one of our first nights out. What a great time! Miss you.


Rebecca said...

Christine - I totally loved that night - outside at Hotel Congress with the cactus behind the stage.
Miss you too!