Thursday, April 29

Art and Artifact

My sister has always made the best mix tapes.   Plus, with her perfectly small and neat handwriting she could fit all the songs/artists on the tape jacket.  We were big in to the mix tapes.  Having to find the perfect music for each occasion (the drive to school was particularly important - Night Moves/Bob Seager and This is the day/The The come to mind).  After camp, my friend Carie Beth and I would make mixes of the songs that reminded us of the summer.  I can remember at least two mix tapes that made me fall for a boy - you play me the right songs and I love you.  

I read this book - mix tape (edited by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth) -  at my sister's house the other day.   As described in this NPR story, the mix tape is both art and artifact.  The book is filled with pictures of the actual mix tape covers and quotes about mix tapes.   I already loved Kate Spade, but seeing her mix tape, made me love her even more (complete with Fleetwood Mac and The Faces).  

"In high school, I would drive around for any reason at all to smoke and listen to this tape."  
                                                - Kate Spade  ....ahhh so true....


Sonchia said...

Mix tapes were my life growing up. I love this post!

Can you remember sitting there with your dual tape deck with your fingers on the play/stop/record buttons hoping to cut off/start a song at the proper place?

And mix tape jacket designs were very very important. I spent hours on making them look "just so."

I had about 12 of my favorite mix tapes from growing up that I kept until we moved to Colorado. They were in a box with my yearbooks. Unfortunately, our storage unit got broken into and this box (among others) was taken and never found. I miss those tapes so very much. Sigh.

Thanks for the great post. I couldn't agree with your thoughts on songs/compilations more. My life is comprised of the right song at the right time.

Rebecca said...

Yes! Totally remember having to press stop/play/record all at the right time. In my early mix taping days I would record off the radio.

Erin and I were talking about mix tapes today, and I have no idea what I did with all of mine. I assume I threw them out in one of the many moves.

The jacket design was very important. I can still remember the ones I thought turned out just right.

CD mixes are not the same. You don't have to spend the time making them like a mix tape. Make a play list and burn - that is it. Yes, it is still thoughtful, but somehow, not the same.

Sonchia said...

No - most certainly not the same.

Erin said...

I still remember this mix tape I made with crossword themed artwork. The puzzle was made up of the band names and the "clues" were song titles. If only I lavished the same sort of care and attention on my work!