Friday, October 29

I want...

This makes me happy today.

It's the simple things sometimes.

[from: jikits]

When we grow up....

Thursday, October 28

Smothed and Covered....

I am both smothered and covered with work this week. So many post ideas floating in my head and no time to execute. Soon I hope! Things to look forward too - cute new (and new to me) shops have arrived in Tucson - pics/websites to view. Halloween and Day of the Dead costumes are in progress - I promise pics.

This burrito is both smothered and covered - sauce and cheese. Yum.


Mixing it up here. Moving from "upper" open shelving to "lower" open shelving.
No matter the location - still - totally hot.

[from: my ideal home...]


Yes. It is.

[from: Malicious Mallory]

Wednesday, October 27

White Hot!

Holy hotness. This bathroom is uh-may-zing. Seriously. Dying.

First - Lookit that big ass window in front of the sink. Woah.

Second - See the lighting here. Are you kidding me? I would say something crass here, but find myself totally speechless.

Over the top crazy beautiful. Sold. Done.

[from: Seesaw Designs]


Doing my best people.

[from: william.edmonds]


Yeah, yeah, I know. Gallery walls are everywhere. Whatever. I still dig 'em.
This one in particular. Purty.

[via: My Favorite and My Best]

Tuesday, October 26

Remember Mama

My mother is wonderful, thoughtful and loving.  
She always packed sweet notes in our lunch boxes.   
She treated us like princesses when we were not feeling well.  
She pretty much spoiled us in the best ways possible.  

Well, she arrived back in New Mexico today after a week long trip to Texas.  I guess she thought my sister (who is a very responsible person) might forget to pick her up at the airport.  Check out this sign my mom hung on my sister's fridge to remind her of the flight time.  Makes me giggle.   

Some Days...

I feel like passing these out. Everywhere.

[from: Little Paper Planes]

ABC in 3D

My sis got this pop up book for Xmas last year - so jealous.  
How great are E/F and Q/R pages? 

[ABC3D by Marion Bataille]

Season of the Witch

You know I love my iPhone, but I thought this commercial was great.  It reminds me of when I walk around campus and no one is talking to each other...they are all talking/texting on their phones....

Monday, October 25


This is becoming sort of sick & twisted. More open shelving hotness to delight your eyes.

Stupid awesome. Enjoy.

[from: it's mary ruffle]

Friday, October 22

Happy Homecoming

It is Homecoming at University of Arizona this weekend. I wish that you two (obviously my favorite UA graduates!) were coming in town! In honor of homecoming (and pay day, and 25% off at the UA bookstore today) I treated myself to this retro U of A shirt. It is comfy and I love this logo. 

Thursday, October 21

True Dat.

How could you not? Telluride. Boom.

[from: annilygreen]


Loving everything about this room today.

Face melting.

[via: Little Green Notebook]


This idea. Rulers on stairs. Perfect.

[via: poppytalk]


Wednesday, October 20

Welcome to the Land of Marfonia

Another treat from my friend Rebecca. She spends a lot of time in Marfa and her friend shared this with her.  Maybe we should take a trip to Marfa?  Check out this lovely spot as well - El Cosmico.

Tuesday, October 19


Hello Hallway. I love you.

Don't mess with Bisbee...

Another photo from our Bisbee trip.  I could not resist posting this.  I love that they are not concerned with anyone but the Drinkers who leave their trash.  
Photo taken by the lovely Rebecca Gates

Monday, October 18

Danish Design

Guess what treat I recently received in the mail? This lucky girl got a bunch of Danish design magazines from a friend (thanks Shannon!) who was on a work trip in Copenhagen. Love that she grabbed these for me. I can't read a lick of the text, but who cares when the pictures are so darn pretty. I cannot wait to drool over these. Hotness. For sure.


If you are my friend, you know that I say "Yay" for just about everything.  It is my favorite word.   I have a good friend where our entire conversations are saying "Yay" back and forth to each other.   I got an invite for a social gathering that made me smile.  The title of the event is "Yay" and described like this:

YAY!I: come generate random joy and happiness feelings! We'll be hanging out in the shade by the side of the street, yaying strangers as they pass, with the intention of making them feel good. Maybe they will join us.
Bring a chair. If you bring champagne, remember it's not legal on the street so be discreet. Come for the whole time, or just drop by.


Loving everything here. Today. Dig it. Boom.

Music Monday

I cannot get this song out of my head. That and the fact that I have been hearing it everywhere lately. I am not kidding. It has been popping up every single place I go.

Friday, October 15


More open shelving awesomeness.

Crisp. Clean. Fresh.

Yet Hot. So very hot.

[from: gingerella]

Thursday, October 14


I die.

Like seriously. Maybe one of my most favorite rooms ever.

[from: Lonny - of course]

Music to start your day

I went to hear Blind Pilot on Tuesday night...a great show! 
 Enjoy this lovely tune on your Thursday morning

A peek in to my weekend....Bisbee, AZ

Wednesday, October 13

For Today...

That is all. Enjoy.

[from: Signs of Vintage]

Tuesday, October 12


I love cats and cat videos but I try to keep my posting of kitties to a minimum as I cannot be the crazy cat lady...but here is my latest favorite video.  Love the black and white and the tormented cat.

Friday, October 8


Pretty much it's the weekend. Go for it.

This girl? This girl will be in Moab. Sun, fun, hikes, bikes, camping, general mayhem. Have fun out there yourselves. See you on the other side.

[from: hijirik]

Thursday, October 7

Bisbee Time!

Off to my favorite AZ town of Bisbee for the weekend.  So so so excited.  Full reports of wedding celebrations, sister reunions and antique shopping when I return. Love you girls.


Of open shelving. All kinds of goodness.

[from: apartmentlove]

I want...

Actually I NEED this.  It would be great for crafting/sewing supplies.  Any estate sale/thrift friends - keep an eye out for me. 

[found on heart of light]

So true....

[found on sfgirlbybay from sonya phillip]

Wednesday, October 6

Lovely Liz

I am over the moon! Remember my first blog post ever where I gushed about Liz Demos & how much of an inspiration she was to me during my time in Savannah? Well, Design*Sponge has also figured out what an amazing person Liz is & has posted a huge feature on their blog all about this incredible lady. I am so very happy for Liz and hope this brings many wonderful opportunities her way. Yay!

Smokey Says....

My latest craft project was inspired by our Smokey the Bear obsession every year at the Cabin.  Thanks to our friend Ryan we even have Smokey the bear flannel sheets in a bedroom at the cabin.  (I did not know about the following article that my sister told me about  in this book titled - "Smokey Bear is a White Racist Pig" when I made my craft.  I still love Smokey's look, but will have to read this book to learn more about his upsetting past)

[Vintage Smokey posters on Apartment Therapy]

[Smokey in the Jemez Spring parade]

My craft involved linoleum printing
Basically you carve the linoleum and create a stamp. 
Roll paint on the stamp and you now have your print.  
(Notice the Bud Light in the picture - it obviously helped with the project.)

[I am happy to say that my Smokey card is now being displayed on the fridge at the cabin]


This lamp today. Yes. Yes. Yes.

[from: umbu]

Tuesday, October 5

It is...

I feel it - for all of us.

[from: Oh So Beautiful Paper]

Book Club

I listened to this NPR story this morning.  Could be a good read for all of us and our home obsession.