Wednesday, May 13


Hello my name is Sonchia & I am a design blog junkie. Wow - that felt good to admit & now here I am posting my first ever blog post to of all things - a design blog. I can't wait to share everything I am loving and I feel as though this could only feed further into my addiction. Get ready girls - here we go!

So - Becca aptly used the term "inspiration" in the header for this blog. Lately I have been feeling a lack of inspiration. While in graduate school in Savannah, I was constantly inspired - by the architecture, by my fellow art students, by my job (I miss you Carolyn!), and by those living & working in this incredible southern town. One place that provided me constant inspiration was a little store located around the corner from where we lived called @Home. Liz Demos has an incredible eye for design, for re-purposing "junk," and for creating inspiring places. I used to love stopping by her store to see what fun & new things she had discovered and am thrilled to see how her business has grown over the years. As I have moved from Savannah, so has @Home Vintage General from its original location. Though I can't visit the new store on my way home anymore, I can now find inspiration online through the store's webpage & through Liz's posting of images. So, even though I am not tangibly inspired by Savannah daily, I am happy to know that I can be virtually inspired still.


Becca said...

Sonchia - the first stage is admitting your addiction. Good job.
I hear you on inspiration. I miss all my stores and fun places in San Francisco...I miss...Paper Source desperately.
Maybe we could all take an inspiration trip to Savannah?

CathyP said...

I am in on that trip....Paper Source is my favorite, it is just calm, and they give Busy treats :)

Sonchia said...

Mmmmm...paper source.

Yes - I think we need an "inspiration" trip to Savannah. I say October - too miserable & buggy now. I know people we can stay with - so, only expenses would be travel, food, and LOTS of wine!


Liz Demos said...

Sonchia, I got here via your facebook post and I love it! I was especially flattered to find this nice post about me and the store. I do hope you make it to Savannah soon.