Wednesday, May 13


So - I need advice. We have an existing guest bedroom. The twin beds were actually bunk beds that my sister & I used to sleep in during visits to Telluride. My Dad had them in storage and when Justin & I moved back to Telluride. At the time we were too broke to invest in a "proper" guest bed so we just used the twins sitting in storage. I painted the cheap oak wood and they have been in our guest room for the last few years. Though we often get teased for our "Bert & Ernie" set-up, the twins have actually come in handy as we happen to have many "non-couples" visiting us for ski vacations. So, though we would like to eventually replace them, they are working just fine for our typical visitors.

Ok - so, all of that said, it is the guest bathroom that is actually giving me issues. We rent - so, spending money on upgrades is not possible. We have crappy mosaic gray/blue tile on the floor, gross blue tiles in the bath, and well worn blue formica on the counter. The counter is beat up beyond belief from past tenants. I have tried my bes
t to "live" with the existing conditions, but am sort of at a "stand still" on how to really decorate this space. So - any thoughts? Ideas? Help? Across from the toilet is a cool gray file cabinet that holds magazines inside & kleenex and a candle on top. Thanks for any ideas girls!


Becca said...

My parents have the twin beds in the guest room and it has worked out great. I love them. Like you said, easier for non-couples to stay.

For the bathroom - one idea would be to do something fun with mexican oil cloth. I had a friend who pull up the counter top, used a staple gun to recover in mexican oil cloth, and then put back in. Made the space funky and fun but still easy to clean. I am in the land of great mexican oil cloth, so let me know if you need any!

Becca said...

ps. Sonchia love the couch in your guest room.

Sonchia said...

Hmm...oil cloth. Tres creative! I will take a look at the counter & see if that is a possibility.

And, the couch was a set - two of the same - that we had growing up in our living room in every house we lived in. They were originally in a blueish fabric. My Mom downsized & recovered them both in a more "neutral" fabric and gave one each to my sister & me. Since we were never allowed in the living room as kids (it was the "fancy" room - no matter which house we lived in) it is fun to now have it as such a part of our "everyday" living. It feels so naughty to sit on it or use it in any way - tee hee.

CathyP said...

That is too great about the couch...OMG.

Honestly I think it looks good how it is...but here are my ideas.

Skirt the sink. It looks like there is a lip on the counter top? Something tailored and piped?, not unlike the skirt you put on your desk. I love the shower curtain maybe that is the "skirt" and then you have a solid curtain? You can make it so you can open it and have access to the drawers, etc.

I have also always wanted to have a shower curtain that is hung from the ceiling (on the hospital tracks)...this might be too small....but I know a few who have done that as it truly hides "what is behind the curtain"

Get a long, narrow mat.. a natural fiber would look good...I will find you one.

Cover up the counter top with a tray...put stuff on it :)

Sonchia said...

Ah - I love this! Thanks for the suggestions girls...such fun getting your input.