Wednesday, May 13

Chaos at Home

So, I would also love for us to share things from around our own homes. What tips do you all have for living in small-ish spaces? What fun new things have you acquired? What things are you re-purposing, repainting, moving around? I have a number of projects to tackle around the house this summer - mainly involving painting existing furniture, sewing new curtains, and looking for new throw rugs & pillows. We also just dropped off a chair that Justin got for free down at an upholster in Flagstaff for recovering. We won't get it back until July 4th when his family comes up to visit, but I am looking forward to having a "new" piece of furniture in the house.

Right now we are in the midst of mass chaos. Justin & I live in a condo - run by an HOA (home owners association). The HOA decided last fall that now was the time to renovate the entire building. This means new siding, new roofing, and new doors/windows. Well, today was finally "our day" for door installation. We have had a bevy of workers in our house since about 7:00 AM. Though it will be nice to have new doors (since our old ones never properly worked), it is the work it takes getting them in that is about to drive me insane. I am tired of saws, hammers, dust, and men trasping through the house. So, let me be the first to post a photo of our house - in complete chaos. I promise to share more (since neither of you have been to visit yet - boo) as soon as things are back to normal.

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