Monday, May 18

Greetings from Arizona

It was graduation week here at The University - so I have been completely MIA. Apologies. In a perfect world I would have all the free time to blog - or even better, travel to visit you all.

Tucson was sunny and warm this weekend. The palo verde trees are in bloom (see above) so pretty but makes my allergies crazy.

Highlights from the weekend -

Our friends dropped off 2 bags of lovely grapefruits from their yard.

Here is a silly photo of Scott making Grapefruit juice...and a picture of the finished product - fresh grapefruit juice margaritas!! Yummy.

Lots of cooking this weekend and entertaining. Erin and I treated our friends Bonnie and Melinda to a brunch at my house (Erin made sweet potato hash with fried eggs, I did a fruit salad and baked fresh whole wheat banana bread). We also had a fun progressive biking dinner with our friends Chuck and Jeff. Appetizers @ a cocktail at their house (banana, pineapple and run - yum) and then all rode bikes to our house for dinner (grilled corn with cilantro butter, panzanella salad, and asparagus). All from this cookbook: Simple Suppers

I have this Friday and Monday off so hoping for lots of craft time. Erin made a super cute dress today, so need her help with new projects.

Loved catching up on your posts today. FUN!


Sonchia said...

Between the great store location (maybe?) & all of the yummy fun times you are making me antsy to return to Tucson. Well, maybe after the summer.

Any idea on rent for the space you found? I talked to Justin & he says I need to find time to come down to do some "due diligence" work before I can really create a business plan for us. Why does he have to be so practical?

Becca said...

Ahh the practical side. That is why our significant others will be such an integral part in all this. Scott asked me about who we would pursue as potential investors for our store. :)

Going to a downtown partnership meeting on Thursday night -will get some good info. Basically you can pitch to the Rio Nuevo project (downtown development) and they can help with rent/funding for your business. Then sales taxes, property taxes go back to a TIF fund...I don't know all the details. Will get more this week.

Sonchia said...

Yes - we need investors...really easy in this economy - ha! Can't wait to hear about the meeting later this week. I need to read more about what they are doing down there - tonight's project/research.