Tuesday, May 19


Have either of you girls ever bought anything off of ebay? I never have, but every once in a blue moon I go on there to search for things I am currently loving...like pull down maps at the moment. Any thoughts? Tips? Have you ever had a good/bad experience? Just curious.

[image: here]


Becca said...

Scott uses eBay. He says the first few times can seem scary, but then it is fun to bid. Then you get rated by the seller on if you are a good buyer. Look at the rating of the seller too.

CathyP said...

Yes, we have bought and sold on it..no issues what so ever. Like B says, look at the seller rating and you should be ok.

I was looking at a map as well....I want a big one of the US. I always look for Maps, Fabric, Nautical Flags, and Match Books...you see I need to collect some of these things, but there is just not room!

CathyP said...

one thing...always look at measurements..I know more than one person who has purchased something that was a bit "small" upon arrival :)

Sonchia said...

Thanks for the tips girls. I don't necessarily want a South America map - but something of this sort. The hunt continues!