Thursday, May 14

I love Amy Bulter!

So, speaking of fabric (Becca) - I must admit that I have a mild obsession with all things Amy Butler. I love her fabric! It is fun, funky, and I love all of the colors! And, I was thrilled to recently read that she is coming out with a line of bedding. Yum.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am stuck working from home as the chaotic construction project continues. Fingers crossed that it all ends tonight. So, I am up in our "home office" in the loft above the guest bedroom. To fuel my Amy Butler obsession, I bought a couple of yards of fabric last year & made a "no sew" table skirt for our desk. A little iron-on hem tape, some velcro, and voila!

If you haven't picked up this book already - I highly suggest you do so. Found Style is one of my all time favorites. Yes - I love Amy Butler.

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Becca said...

Sonchia - Love the fabric and love the skirt around your desk. I need some help with my desk/sewing space. Will take pics tonight and post for help/ideas.