Thursday, May 14

Food inspirations - a definite must

Cathy asked if we could talk about food on our bloggie blog - totally think we should. One thing I loved about working at Cafe Poca Cosa is that food presentation and color was an important part of each plate. The salads are a work of art. I went in on Tuesday and Suzana packed up a pastel de elote in a mango habanero sauce to go. Look how yummy (picture below).
Have you all ever been to the following cooking website?
Heidi Swanson posts amazing recipes. She is also a photographer, so takes amazing food photos. I recommend her cookbook as well Super Natural Cooking.

Tonight we are making this yummy dish from 101 Cookbooks: Walnut Miso Noodles

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Sonchia said...

I so want to make this tonight! I have everything but miso paste. Wonder if they sell it at either of the markets here in Telluride - yep, we only have 2 options. Sigh - if only there was a TJs anywhere near here. Yum - thanks for the "food inspiration" Becca.