Sunday, May 17

She's crafty!

So, Cathy mentioned this project when we were together in March & I loved the idea. She mentioned creating a "silhouette" of Busy and framing it for her house. With not much happening this weekend - I decided it was a weekend for small projects and cooking some yummy things (more on that later). Here is my silhouette of Madison that is now hanging next to Justin's side of the bed. The project was super easy - well, after trying to get the dog to pose it was.

A few years ago I also decided to frame Madison's paw prints - this project, not as easy. These hang by the front door. Yes - I am a little dog crazy.

Hope you girls found time to be crafty kitties this weekend.


CathyP said...

It looks so cute!!!!
I have yet to do this to Busy...bad mom I am.

Becca said...

So cute!! I am going to work on that for creamsicle kitty.