Thursday, May 28

I want...

More like...I have wanted. I don't have a nice bike - like Becca's - YET. I have a good bike, but not one deserving of such a cute basket. Once I do get a great bike I will most certainly get myself the Carrie Bicycle Basket I have coveted for so long.

My bike gets me to work & back, but not in style. One day I hope to be so lucky. Yum.

[from: Design Stockholm House]


CathyP said...

Becca's bike is the best...I even showed it to Keith and his response was, "How jealous are you?"

That basket is cool...I personally like it in pink.


Becca said...

Scott got me the bike for my birthday a few years back. Honestly my favorite gift ever. We would go check them out at this cute bike shop every weekend. Here is the link to all the paul frank bikes by Nerve: