Sunday, May 31

Get organized.

I have always wanted one of these. Way too expensive though. Sigh.

Lovely Package

Don't you girls just love great packaging? It can completely change how I view a product. Justin found this great website this weekend. Love it.

[item: Rebel Green]

Saturday, May 30

Chaos at Home - Redux

Grrrr. That is how I feel today. Earlier this month I posted about the construction happening here at our condo with the installation of new doors & windows. Well, turns out they incorrectly installed one of our deck doors. So, again, we are living amongst the chaos as they reinstall the door today. Another day of men, noise, dust, and incessant hammering. I will be so very happy when this is all over. Thanks for letting me vent.

Chirp Chirp

On our way home last night, Justin & I ran into this nest above the staircase to our condo. I think in running around as much as we have been lately, we had totally ignored that mama bird was building this nest so close to us. It was great to hear the baby birds chirping away last night. Sometimes we get so busy we forget to take a moment and enjoy the wonders of nature all around us.

The nest.

"Feed me"

Even Madison is curious.
(And yes, we live in a construction war zone)

Friday, May 29

Bowled Over

Ah - it is nice to be home & have the weekend started. I have been "cruising" Etsy and came across these cute bowls. I love that each of these are handmade - as is everything from this studio. I love them individually, but love the grouping of them together with all of the great colors.

One of my goals this summer is to take a pottery class at our local art school, Ah Haa School for the Arts. I hope I have time to fit a class in this summer. Do you girls have any classes you are taking? Cathy - any more lemon floral arrangements?

[from: Pigeon Toe Ceramics]


I know this poster is so "last year," but today has been a b*tch of a day. I have a yellow version of this hanging in my bedroom as to provide me with a daily reminder that it will all be "ok." I think I need a version at work though. Ugh. TGIF ladies!

[from: cutpasteprint]

Thursday, May 28

I want...

More like...I have wanted. I don't have a nice bike - like Becca's - YET. I have a good bike, but not one deserving of such a cute basket. Once I do get a great bike I will most certainly get myself the Carrie Bicycle Basket I have coveted for so long.

My bike gets me to work & back, but not in style. One day I hope to be so lucky. Yum.

[from: Design Stockholm House]

Our mantra...

I want it to be this.

[from: Hijirik Studio]

Games we play...

Love the games we play post from Sonchia. Reminded me of all the games we play up at my parents cabin. Cards is always a favorite...and trival pursuit. Have you all played Speed Scrabble? It is great for groups. Here are some photos of some of the funny speed scrabble words. I like the BEER * TEATS * SEX combo.

Babies on the Brain

There I admit it. ...Can you guys please have some so I can live through you?

Becca, I would buy you this..... (because you have a mini)
Sonchia, you would get these.... (because obv. your kid would be into Space)

OK...Get to work!

Games we play...

We love Mexican Train. We particularly love playing with Josh & Monique. We are all extremely competitive and the best part is when someone really screws someone else - as long as it is not you! I think my favorite part of the game is when we are done & are counting our points. I love seeing how everyone lays down their "tracks" and the different organic designs that are created by the dominoes as the game progresses. What games do you all play?

Etsy Love

I love Etsy. I visit this site waaay too often. I love that there is a place where I can see people being crafty and find things I love. Don't tell Justin, but I have recently been on an Etsy spending spree. I cannot WAIT for all of my fun new things to arrive.

[snack pouch - large from downhomeamy]

[cherry wallflower wristlet from Drikab]

Wednesday, May 27

Viva Las Vegas

Scott and I are off to Vegas tomorrow. Any suggestions of where and what to do? I have been many times (Cathy remember our trip with your parents?) and Scott and I went together 4 years ago...but wondering if you all have some tips of fun things to do. Friday night we have the Trader Joe's party - otherwise we are free. Oh! And we heard there is an H & M - so will have to stop by and do some shopping.

Just like the poster above - the "Go Go guy and that Bye Bye gal in the fun capital of the world!"

Tuesday, May 26

Weekend Project

This weekend we moved our little desk from upstairs to the downstairs and turned it in to a bar by the kitchen. Sorry for the blurry iPhone pictures. I am excited to have a spot to make drinks when friends come over and the get some of this stuff out of the kitchen cabinets and shelves. Wish I was making you all a frosty beverage right now...

I want....

I love the yellow piece. Found on this blog

Friday, May 22

This weekend...

THIS is what I am up to this weekend. Hope you all have great weekends planned.

Thursday, May 21

Design Inspiration - Cindy and Dennis

I can honestly say, that everything Cindy and Dennis remodel, paint, make, decorate, bake, or wonderful. Check out these pics from their super cute house in Tucson. Such great color!

Love the Orla Kiely stuff! Get it here

Yeah!! Sushi paintings (and kitties too!)

All the framed art works so well together

check out the painted color squares at the top.

Music Memorabilia

The matchbook idea that Cathy posted reminded me of the framed buttons that we have in the kitchen. For many of the shows and concerts we go to, Scott always gets me a little button. I love them and it is sort of a history of our relationship. I just got a small shadow box from Micheal's. My parents have the same thing, but with political buttons from the 1960's to present - the history of their relationship through politics. :)

I have a lot of posters from various shows as well. We are thinking of framing them all and either having in the stairway or in the downstairs bathroom. Maybe a music themed bathroom with the button box and the posters? Too cheezy?

Wednesday, May 20


My co-worker, Hilary, has been trekking through Northern India for the past six weeks & will finally be back at work tomorrow! I am so happy you have no idea. I have been so lonely & completely overwhelmed working by myself for so many weeks. I cannot wait to hear all of her many stories & see all of her amazing images from her adventures. I wish she could have packed me away in her suitcase for her trip...welcome home Hilary!

[image: E. B. Sylvester]


I needed this today. Wish we could all go grab a drink together tonight. Smooches.

Tuesday, May 19


So you start with stuff like this......

And then you can make something awesome like this......

Love it love it love it!

For Cathy...

Ciggity - I saw this and thought of you. Tyler from Plastolux had a hankering for a pair of Eero Saarinen side tables, but he wasn't quite excited by their steep price. After scouring all the usual sources for a deal but coming up empty-handed, he decided to try to make his own. Guess what he used? Clever. Read more here.

I want...


[image: Pottery Barn]


Have either of you girls ever bought anything off of ebay? I never have, but every once in a blue moon I go on there to search for things I am currently pull down maps at the moment. Any thoughts? Tips? Have you ever had a good/bad experience? Just curious.

[image: here]

Monday, May 18

Possible store locations - Issue #1

I love to walk around town and try to pick out our perfect store location. Here is the latest. This is on Congress (right by Hotel Congress). The building has been gutted and turned in to fancy (for Tucson) lofts called One North Fifth.

Below the apartments there is going to be retail space. Take a look:

New retail spot on left, Hotel Congress on right

Front view of new retail - still under construction

View across the street from new retail spot

Greetings from Arizona

It was graduation week here at The University - so I have been completely MIA. Apologies. In a perfect world I would have all the free time to blog - or even better, travel to visit you all.

Tucson was sunny and warm this weekend. The palo verde trees are in bloom (see above) so pretty but makes my allergies crazy.

Highlights from the weekend -

Our friends dropped off 2 bags of lovely grapefruits from their yard.

Here is a silly photo of Scott making Grapefruit juice...and a picture of the finished product - fresh grapefruit juice margaritas!! Yummy.

Lots of cooking this weekend and entertaining. Erin and I treated our friends Bonnie and Melinda to a brunch at my house (Erin made sweet potato hash with fried eggs, I did a fruit salad and baked fresh whole wheat banana bread). We also had a fun progressive biking dinner with our friends Chuck and Jeff. Appetizers @ a cocktail at their house (banana, pineapple and run - yum) and then all rode bikes to our house for dinner (grilled corn with cilantro butter, panzanella salad, and asparagus). All from this cookbook: Simple Suppers

I have this Friday and Monday off so hoping for lots of craft time. Erin made a super cute dress today, so need her help with new projects.

Loved catching up on your posts today. FUN!

Sunday, May 17

She's crafty!

So, Cathy mentioned this project when we were together in March & I loved the idea. She mentioned creating a "silhouette" of Busy and framing it for her house. With not much happening this weekend - I decided it was a weekend for small projects and cooking some yummy things (more on that later). Here is my silhouette of Madison that is now hanging next to Justin's side of the bed. The project was super easy - well, after trying to get the dog to pose it was.

A few years ago I also decided to frame Madison's paw prints - this project, not as easy. These hang by the front door. Yes - I am a little dog crazy.

Hope you girls found time to be crafty kitties this weekend.