Wednesday, May 13

What we like

This morning I drank my coffee and looked at blogs and visited stores online that I like. I do this every morning. I think about what I like and if there is anything I would like to buy, sew, make, cook. I fantasize about if I had all the money and free time to do whatever I would want. I feel selfish even thinking about it. This blog can be a fun place for the 3 of us to say - hey check this out! I like it! I did this! I want that!

The fabric above is from this website:

If we have store can we have fun fabric? Marimekko? What could be made with this fun fabric? Cover a frame? Make a pillow?

Oh what fun we could have in our dream life with our store.


CathyP said...

Cafe cute as cafe curtains :)

Sonchia said...

Lampshade - with a brightly colored base. Fabric is a MUST. I worked all through grad school for an interior designer that also had a storefront. I used to "pet" fabrics daily - new samples that came in & old favorites. I actually had a basket on my desk where I kept my "current favorites" so I could enjoy them at any time. My old boss, Carolyn, still asks if I am finding time for "petting" given my current job in science. So, all of this said, YES we will most certainly have lots of fun fabrics & will create many fun projects with them!