Friday, February 25


Can we? Pretty please.

[from: thewheatfield]

Thursday, February 24

a true loveseat

Sonchia - if I could, I would get you this chair - 

[found on design sponge originally from flourish and blume]

Wednesday, February 23


Is it wrong to covet something so utilitarian?
Cause I do. I really like this vintage dish drying rack.
That is all.

[via: sfgirlbybay]

Tuesday, February 22

Best ever!

So loving this design that Dennis (Fezlab) made for our Crafternoon Collective
Our group name is inspired by the Bread Song "Make it with you." 

Sunday, February 20

On y va...

Love so much about this...particularly the typography. Really though, pretty genius, all of it.

Friday, February 18

I want...

No really. I do. Is this weird?
I rocked these growing up and want a pair to wear again. With shorts & such.
Too prep? Possibly.

[from: LL Bean - of course]

In case you didn't know...

You do.

[from: Keep Calm Gallery]

Thursday, February 17

It shall

In a funk for no reason.  Trying to remember that...

Wednesday, February 16

items that are making the cut...

A crib just like I had...but mine was yellow
Star bumper
Lighting, for over the daybed
Storage for all those little socks and what-nots...using the rope knobs
Fabric : I love these stripes, but they were out of blue and yellow. I did get some gorgeous Linen with irregular white polka dots (can't find a photo)...I am going to make the bed skirt and a bolster for the daybed.

Still TBD: Rugs, a Chair (gliders are SO UGLY), a Floor Lamp, Wall Art, and a place for books.
OHHHH and the baby boy....

Monday, February 14


I know you have seen it - all over blog world lately - BHLDN - the Anthropologie wedding line.  So many beautiful dresses, jewelry and shoes.  I thought these were appropriate for today. 


An oldie, but a goody. I love it so. And you. Love you all too. Like lots.

[from: Village]

Te Amo!

Happy Heart Day friends! 

Friday, February 11

Currently Loving...

Is it 5:00 PM yet? I feel like today is simply dragging along. If your Friday is anything like mine, hopefully looking at some pretty things will help ease the pain and usher you into the weekend. So sit back and will be the weekend before you know it!

A lovely set of doors.

How amazing is this painted floor? Apparently this lady painted these incredible stripes herself...for about $100. Woah. Talk about an amazing DIY.

This I want badly.

Everything about this works for me. Hmm - maybe I need to get on ebay and start looking for old maps. Just lovely.

As if I wouldn't post open shelves here. Puh-leeze. Can't seem to ever get enough.

Hmm - thinking I am having a slight stripe obsession right now. I just ordered this. In gray. Apparently it has already shipped. Hoping it looks so very awesome on.

Come to me fringed chair. Because you rock.

Happy Weekend!


Plant in Lucite box? Is this weird or am I weird for thinking it is weird?


[via: My Favorite and My Best]

Friday, February 4

before & after

A great before and after shot of the architecture offices across from our lofts.  

above = before : below = after

I want... desk to look like this: 

Thursday, February 3

more rabbits

Happy Year of the Rabbit! I do love rabbits and could not resist getting this calendar that I talked about in another post all about rabbits...
It now hangs in my office.

My sweet brother-in-law got me this bunny ring holder from Urban Outfitters.  

Now I just need a little pet bunny....

[picture found here]

Wednesday, February 2

so sweet.....

I love these baby photos that friends Jenny and Kade had taken of their baby boy - Polo.  The use of quilts from both grandmothers, sweet knitted blankets and bloomers, amazing light and composition - plus the cutest baby boy = LOVE!  (How they have time for everything in the midst of opening a new restaurant blows my mind.)

[pictures by Patty of Petula Pea Photography]




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Tuesday, February 1


Not only is the message sweet, but probably pretty delicious to boot.

[from: aesthetic outburst]