Tuesday, November 30


Orange you so very beautiful lamp? Yes. Tots.

[via: seesaw designs]


Desperately in love with this tufted rust velvet sofa. Holy hotness.

[via: My Favorite and My Best]

Ring A Ding...

Sparkling Rose Cut Diamond Ring.

Just stop it.

[from: Kate Szabone Jewellery]

Electric Picnic

A  fun ride when you watch this promotion for the Electric Picnic - a music and arts festival.
Thank you to Jill for sharing this with me!

Sunday, November 28

Fabric Finds

Oh Wow.  Yesterday was a fabric jackpot at SAS Fabrics in Tucson.  This is the kind of store where you need to be prepared to dig in bins of fabric to find good deals.  I went to the $3.99 per yard bin and got tons of great stuff.  Here are some of my favs below.  

[Woodland Wonders by Jay McCarroll of Project Runway fame]

[Wide Flower Power by Jennifer Paganelli]

[Dusk by Brandon Mably]

[Kites by Felicity Miller]

[Honey Bee by Michael Miller]

First project - recovering a pillow in this cute fabric. 

Next up - a sewing workshop next week where I will make this reversible bag 
(with different fabric).  

Saturday, November 27

Thanksgiving Round-up

I am loving this long weekend. Waking up today with no idea what day it is was pretty wonderful.

Our Thanksgiving day was a great one.  The day started with a 5K race and afterwards  we enjoyed shopping for last minute items at Trader Joe's even though they were closed (the perks!).  Scott cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for us and I worked on cookies and pies.  Friends came over for drinks and desserts after our dinner.

 An easy and yummy recipe for chocolate chip pumpkin cookies can be found here.  I made without the icing and they are so GOOD! 

Happy Thanksgiving and Long Weekend! 

Wednesday, November 24

Tuesday, November 23

Shall we meet there soon?

The photos of Kate and Andy Spade's house have been all over....this is my favorite.


Kick Ass.

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Monday, November 22


In total lust.

[via: My Favorite & My Best]

A peek in to my weekend...

We had good friends visiting from Omaha this weekend - thanks to Brian for taking the photos below.  It felt like vacation in our own city!

 [prickly pear cactus fruit, shadow of cactus on patio, coffee @ B Line, piggy bank in Bisbee]

Friday, November 19


I leave you with this. Happy Weekend.

[from: graphicsgalore]


I am so in love with this bed it pains me.
But - seriously. Foxy. All over the place.

[from: crumpled envelope...]

Pocket Pocket...

Pocket-Sized Stories. My newest favorite site. Maybe ever. Visit it. Now.


Cheverons - check. Gallery wall - check. Typography art - check. I know, so many design cliches.
Whatevs - I still dig it.
Add a cocktail and a good book to the mix and I may never leave.

[via: erin ever after]

Wednesday, November 17

Terrific Toast

So, we have posted a lot about stop-motion stuff on this here blog.
Because it is totally awesome.
Well, it all just got a lot more awesome with this video.


Those sconces make me happy. So. Very. Happy.

[via: Design Crisis]


No really. You are.

[from: sweetharvey]

Be here now

According to this New York Times article - focusing on the here and now will help make you a
happier person. :)

[from farouche]

Tuesday, November 16


In time...

[from: EmersonMade]

I want...

Not want. Need. This is true love people.

And if I had this - I would want it to look like this.

So. Very. Awesome.

Get your own at the other DWR.

48 hours in Tucson

Tucson Love found here- Iron Board Collective
I love reading about her shopping finds...

If I had a choice...

If I lived in this hotness, hopefully I wouldn't have to work (trust fund please materialize) - but if I did have to work, I would want it to be here, in this room, with a dog at my feet. Boom.

[via: my ideal home...]


Yes. Let's.

[from: the world is just awesome]

Monday, November 15

Worker, Inc.

We went to a party at telegram in Tucson this weekend and saw wonderful art and postcards by a local artist/architect, Bill Mackey.  I love all his postcards - check them out on his website here.  oh - and this graphic resume - wonderful!

Friday, November 12

I want to be here now...

Sitting in this lovely room - sipping a colorful cocktail with my girls.  Are you in? 


Letterpress Love

Thank you for this Dennis - 

Thursday, November 11

Veteran's Day

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. ~Cynthia Ozick

Tuesday, November 9


Dear dresser...you need to be mine...forevah.

[from: desire to inspire]


All kinds of true.

[from: Mary Kate McDevitt]

The year of the Rabbit

2011 will be the year of the rabbit according to Chinese Zodiac.  As a big fan of all things bunnies - I am looking forward to the new year.  
Here are a few rabbit finds.


Life's a Circus...

Yes it is. Might as well revel in it with these lovely circus themed wallpaper designs.

[via: simple+pretty]

Monday, November 8

It's true...

Dear Ciggity:

Just saying.


[from: pistachiopress]

Not your typical banner

[by jackie young on Welcome Indians]