Monday, November 1

Pretty people

I picked up this book to read over the weekend.  Have you read or seen the movie yet?  

Looks pretty with lots of pretty people.


Sonchia said...

Has this movie come out yet? I remember seeing a lot of the cast online for some J.Crew spread. Please update us on the book.

Rebecca said...

It is open at select theaters (not in Tucson). Will keep you posted on the book! So far so good.

Jan said...

This movie looks really cute. Do you ever look at movie trailers and play out in your head what it might be like it if was the same plotline but the story of your life? If I was Katie Holmes, I'd be watching the love of my life sauntering off with another...admitting that he totally and completely loved me too....but he loved men more. Hmmm...Life is strange, n'est-ce pas?

I want that stripey black and white dress - tres belle!