Sunday, November 28

Fabric Finds

Oh Wow.  Yesterday was a fabric jackpot at SAS Fabrics in Tucson.  This is the kind of store where you need to be prepared to dig in bins of fabric to find good deals.  I went to the $3.99 per yard bin and got tons of great stuff.  Here are some of my favs below.  

[Woodland Wonders by Jay McCarroll of Project Runway fame]

[Wide Flower Power by Jennifer Paganelli]

[Dusk by Brandon Mably]

[Kites by Felicity Miller]

[Honey Bee by Michael Miller]

First project - recovering a pillow in this cute fabric. 

Next up - a sewing workshop next week where I will make this reversible bag 
(with different fabric).  


Anonymous said...

We need some sort of phone tree when SAS Fabrics gets a good batch in. Score Rebecca!

Rebecca said...

So true. Let's do it! There are so many great things - go and get the Jay McCarroll stuff with cute tomatoes and mushrooms!

Sonchia said...

Sickeningly jealous. That bag is awesome. Wish I could learn how to sew this. Do you have a machine? I need to see your completed projects missy.

Rebecca said...

Yes I have a machine - Baby lock is the brand - pretty basic and it gets the job done.

I finished the pillow (pictured above) and made a pin cushion last night. :) More exciting projects to follow.