Friday, July 31

This weekend...

This weekend is chock full of fun times in Telluride. Tonight is the Telluride Cajun Fest. As a girl from New Orleans (in part), it is nice to get some creole cookin' and listen to some zydeco.

Tomorrow is our annual Cast n' Blast event. Our friend Peiper is hosting us all up on Hastings Mesa. We will be shooting skeet & fishing for trout. Fun times by the fire and car camping. Western living at its finest. Peiper even has her own covered wagon on the property that she sleeps in. The photo above, while not great, shows the wagon, the pond, and our table settings.

Cathy - hope you are celebrating your birthday in style this weekend.

Becca - have fun in Phoenix. Don't melt! Give VA a hug.

Happy Blogger Birthday

Wish we could be there to celebrate with you Ciggity! Big love.

[image: design*sponge]

Thursday, July 30


Alright girls - question. How do you all display family photographs? I can name two photos that hang in our house - one of Justin as a child and another from the night we got engaged at Gates Pass. Beyond that, everything else in the house is a framed print, art, mirror, or an object.

I do have a large bulletin board hanging in the back hallway by the washing machine where I hang everyone's Christmas cards each year. Since I am washing a ton of clothes - it gives me the chance to see all of our friends & family quite often. Beyond that, I have no photographs displayed in any rational way in our condo.

This photo above sort of overwhelms me. Though I love looking at family photos at other people's homes, it sort of creeps me out to have them around my own home. It is like everyone is watching me or something. I know, I am odd. But in all seriousness, how do you all display photos? A collection on a wall? Sitting in frames atop dressers, etc? On top of a piano?

[image: Architectural Digest Visits Senator and Mrs. John McCain]

Once Wed...

I love this site that I just ran across. If (big if) I ever end up tying the knot - this is where I am coming for inspiration.

My Thoughts Exactly...

Wednesday, July 29

Ode to Lemons

Lemon - you are so lovely and yellow
You can be a nice garnish, a salad dressing, or a centerpiece
You float around in my water glass or iced tea on a hot day
Your scent makes my kitchen smell clean

Lemon - you were so yummy in the lemon sorbet from Trader Joe's
and the Lemon tart Andrew made (see picture below).
Thank you for being wonderful.

Monday, July 27

Not just in the south...

Becca - seeing the photos from Meryl Truett reminded me of this image our friend, Ben, took. This is an image from Utah, but reminds me of the south. We have just as many religious zealots out west.

I know he will probably balk at my posting about him, but our friend Ben Knight is one of the most amazing photographers I know. You both must (and I mean MUST) check out the films Ben and his business partner Travis Rummel (another amazing photographer) make through their comany Felt Soul Media. Red Gold remains one of my favorite films of all time. Check out the trailer here. This film has been in a million festivals (premiering at Mountainfilm in Telluride) and is getting re-edited for Frontline. Let me know if you guys want to borrow a copy...our own little Netflix!

Sunday, July 26


Justin & I won our silent auction bid at the Ah Haa School of the Arts auction the other night! I just got the piece home yesterday afternoon & have it hanging in our bedroom. I don't think this photo does it any justice. While it is hanging, I still don't have the "perfect spot" for it yet. I love acquiring art (vs. prints) and only wish we had more money to buy other pieces. I am so excited!

[image: "Box Canyon View from My Porch" by Joslyn Doerge - mixed media on wood]

New Pots...for now

So, Justin just got back from a trip to Salt Lake City for work. Anyway, on his way out of town he ran by an IKEA. Unbeknownst to me, he picked up some new pots for us since our last ones got ruined recently - as mentioned in this post. While we still hope to get "real" pots & pans, these will certainly do much better than our existing set. No teflon and buys us some time to shop around. I haven't had the chance to use them yet, but fingers crossed they will prove to be a great temporary fix.

I want...

I feel like I post a lot about "what I want." Sorry - there are just so many wonderful things out there! Above, my latest obsession from Hable Construction. I love everything they do, but am particularly digging this new rug at the moment.

Windows in SC

I uploaded my photos from Mexico and saw that I must have been loving the windows and light while in San Carlos. Here are some window shots from Suzana's house and from an old abandoned house we explored.

View from abandoned house
Abandoned house with bouganvilla flower
the window above is in the shower!! Love the high ceilings
double windows when walking from floor 1 --> 2

Southern Images

Since we have all spent times of our lives in the South - I know y'all get it. Maybe it is because it is familiar or ironic or beautiful - but I love pictures taken of churches, religious imagery and random signs in the South. I was introduced to the work of Meryl Truett through my friend Katie's blog. I ordered a book of Meryl's photos - and love them (see above and below). Would some day love to order a print for my house.
The opening credits of True Blood does a wonderful job of bringing together images of the South, death, sex, God, temptation, etc. - check it out:

Friday, July 24

Pretty Packages

Don't you just love, love, love pretty packaging? I honestly don't even care what is inside sometimes! My new favorite place to shop is Etsy - not only because I love all of the crafty, creative homemade items - but I absolutely l-o-v-e how each purchase arrives. I have actually started taking pictures. Each purchase (thus far) has arrived with a lovely handwritten note, cute paper, and everything "just so." I am in heaven.

So, I just came across this post for the "Lovely Package Exchange" on oh, hello friend that I just had to share with you girls.
This is an incredible idea, but I am too afraid to sign up myself as I am not sure if I could live up to my own expectations. Don't you just so dig this concept?

This weekend...

We have a busy weekend here in Telluride. Tonight we are off to the Ah Haa School for the Arts annual art auction. Check out some of the items for bid here. As with almost every event in Telluride, we are going in costume. I am going as this and Justin is going as this.

Saturday & Sunday evenings Justin will be hosting Mountainfilm Under the Stars. Wish you girls could be here to join us for great movies and a picnic.

Hope you girls (and boys) have fun things planned for this weekend!

Tee Hee

Is is weird that this card cracks me up? Find more items from ISAK here.

Thursday, July 23

Tulip Table - 5 Ways

Ciggity - saw this post today & thought of you. Which one is your favorite? I am digging the image above. I love the dark, "historic" walls with the modern furniture. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 19

Perfect White Tee

Hi girls. I need help since you all live in the "real world." I really need some new white tee shirts. I need something that works with jeans, with shorts, with skirts, etc. Any ideas? I keep going to the old standby - J.Crew - and am sort of "eh" about the offerings right now.

Also, how often do you all online shop? Since it is really my only option, I spend a lot of time online "window shopping." I must say though, it is pretty unsatisfying. I always like to try thing on before purchasing. Any tips you all have for online shopping?

Thanks dearies.

Saturday, July 18

San Carlos House

Entry way to Suzana's house

I leave for San Carlos, Mexico tomorrow. I will take lots of pictures because there are so many amazing houses, art, buildings, and land.

Following are pictures from Suzana's house (the owner of Cafe Poca Cosa) where we stay in San Carlos. Her friend Betsy designed the house, and Suzana decorated it. It is one of the most beautiful homes I have ever been in.

Love you all! Will be back online by Thursday...have a wonderful week!

Pool. The lounge chairs are stone and are built in.
Amazing - this is the back of the house that you see from the ocean.

Kitchen, dining room, living room area.
Stairs going downstairs
Kitchen - love.

Future Weekend Project

Will be this.


If I had a kid, I would have this alphabet poster hanging in their room. God I love Etsy.

"A is for Atlantis and B is for Blue Demon. Hand screenprinted poster representing the letters of the alphabet by all the best luchadores (Mexican Wresters) in history."

[from: El Jefe]

Friday, July 17

House Genes

When I have looked for apartments or houses, I always call and debrief with my parents - Nona and Paul. I go on and on how there HAS to be hardwood floors or how the windows were so cute. Nona says that she has raised a house snob and apologizes for it. Growing up, we were usually house poor. My parents biggest investments (and returns) have always been in their homes. I remember living through all the remodels. I also remember this book in my parents house - The House Book (1974) by Terence Conran. We talked a lot about what we loved about houses and looked through this book and discussed what we would want to do to our homes.

Funny 1970's pictures - but great style!

What books or experiences influenced you as a kid?


Look at this site....I think I want everything....starting with this

For a kids cute!

Look at the wallpaper (lining a closet), or the "ribbon tape" - tres' chic, no?

Dreaming of Trader Joe's

One day I will live in a place that has a Trader Joe's. Becca - I am jealous that this store is such a prominent part of your life. I recently ran across these images of tissue boxes from TJs posted on shelterrific. I mean - really - come on, could these be any cuter? I think they are truly trying to kill me. Awesome!

Condo Entry

Here is my entry. There are no left or right shots - it all fits in one. As you can see, the front door opens right into our living area. Essentially, the kitchen counter is just out of frame on the left side. The coat closet is the slatted door to the right of the front door. The dresser I got free off of a friend's porch. She was going to toss it since it had a "wonky" drawer. I fixed the drawer, painted it & put on new knobs from Home Depot. Easy peasy. One of these days we will get rid of the obnoxious speakers that have traveled with us from Tucson, to Savannah, to Telluride. They drive me crazy.

Nothing too notable on the wall beyond that everything hanging is of significance to Justin & I; there is a map of Colorado & Utah, a beautiful shot of Madison (who also would not get out of the shot - she really needed to go outside) taken by Justin's best friend & professional photographer Ryan Hirschberg, a ticket from the Red Sox's recent first world series win (I was in attendance), a copy of the "Tellurider" comic book, a photo of Justin as a kid, Madison's paw prints (mentioned in this post), and a rubbing of the sewer cover from the square we lived on in Savannah. I know I will have more storage when we get rid of the speakers, but beyond that - any tips/thoughts/suggestions on how to make this space work better? I wish I had more of an "entry" space!

Thursday, July 16

Post It

Have you all seen this set of prints from Orange Beautiful? I bought these ages ago & then I began seeing them all over the blogs. They come in a set of four, but this one is my favorite. I picked up a basic frame from Target & it hangs in the back hall between the guest room & the downstairs bathroom.

Anyway, as I recently strolled past the print on my way to the loo - here is what I saw.

This is one of Drew's favorite saying. Yes - Drew of doogie drawing fame from my previous post. I think he may have serious issues. Maybe it is me with the serious issues since I have yet to remove this post-it.

Another Quote...

I have this at my desk...I tend to read it when I am about to make an on-line shopping purchase...

"Knowing when to splurge is an art. There are just two rules. Splurge on the most classic item in the world. You will have it forever. Splurge on the most insane thing in the world. You will have it and cherish it forever"

- Isaac Mizrahi

Tomorrow is Friday!!! woo hooo!!!!!

Advice? Pots & Pans Replacement Ideas Needed!

We are in desperate need of new pots & pans - particularly since we sorta scorched the bottom of our dutch oven the other night. We were steaming artichokes and accidently steamed all of the water off and burnt the bottom. Guess we were just having too much fun with friends to notice. Yikes & Yuck. Our existing pots & pans are from Justin's bachelor days (9+ years ago now), so needless to say, I am not really that upset to see these things go.

Though in a dream world I would get a set of these, they are just too darn heavy for me to handle easily. I have tried, I promise. A friend inherited a set from her arthritic grandmother who couldn't clean them anymore. Every time we have dinner with these friends & I offer to help with dishes I about kill myself under the weight of these puppies.

So, my question for you is what sort of pots & pans should we get? We really want to get away from anything with teflon. Call me crazy, but I am not into cooking cancer into my food. Have you all had any experience with stainless? Does food stick? Seriously, I need help.

Kitchen tour - Take 3

Hi ladies - since you have both seen my kitchen - nothing new, except Scott's insane need to have the counter tops sparse and the reorganization of all drawers and cabinets. What would we do without IKEA? On the green wall we added the shelves. The bottom shelf is Bjarnum and the other shelves are Grundtal. In the top photo I just got a holder for recipe books. Love it!
When we moved in the counter tops and appliances were already installed (we did not pick them out). HATE the counter tops - Corian - it scratches so easily. Sonchia - I love the sink area in your kitchen. We are looking to add a backsplash (see pics below - either a small tile one or something more stainless steel looking) and getting a new counter top and sink (thinking concrete counter top, definitely an under-mount sink). In my dream kitchen I have a gas stove.
Possible back splashes for kitchen.

New dishes from registry - wow organized!