Friday, July 24

Pretty Packages

Don't you just love, love, love pretty packaging? I honestly don't even care what is inside sometimes! My new favorite place to shop is Etsy - not only because I love all of the crafty, creative homemade items - but I absolutely l-o-v-e how each purchase arrives. I have actually started taking pictures. Each purchase (thus far) has arrived with a lovely handwritten note, cute paper, and everything "just so." I am in heaven.

So, I just came across this post for the "Lovely Package Exchange" on oh, hello friend that I just had to share with you girls.
This is an incredible idea, but I am too afraid to sign up myself as I am not sure if I could live up to my own expectations. Don't you just so dig this concept?


CathyP said...

dont' be a chicken! You would be great..and if you get scared we can help you. The concept is so cool.

Becca said...

Maybe we should do a package exchange? Each one of us invite 1 friend in. So 6 people total. We each pick a month and set a price limit. Thoughts? Or we could up it to 12 and do a whole year.