Thursday, July 16

Condo Kitchen Tour

Since we are doing kitchen tours, I thought I would add mine into the mix. Like Cathy's, our kitchen opens up into our living space. The downstairs (minus the guest room & bathroom) is essentially one large open space. It is great for having people over, but sometimes I wish I could close the kitchen off when it is dirty. Anyway - enjoy...

Our condo was built in 1984. This stove and "spacemaker" (yes - the actual name) microwave are original to the condo. They both work poorly and despite our best efforts to keep them clean, they always look grungy. Also note, these three drawers on the left are the ONLY drawers in our entire kitchen. They are tiny & cramped. I dream of one day having enough space to store all of my kitchen cravings - but space limits us for now.

Since we have no drawers, we had to get creative with our storage. Note the IKEA Kroken hanging system. All of our utinsels are in the cups. The blue bowl we hagled for in Nogales, Mexico before we moved away from Arizona 8 years ago. Target's Orla Kiely canister holds coffee. We now grind our own coffee each morning after I listened to an entomologist tell a story about the high percentage of cockroaches in pre-ground coffee. Yuck.

Our sink, faucet & counters are all IKEA and they are all great. My Dad (who owns our condo) had been renting the unit for years and the place had just been trashed. The counters were a complete wreck when we moved in. With little money at the time we moved in, we replaced the counters & the sink as inexpensively as possible. This sink has been invaluable as we can place hot and/or wet things on the extension part to keep the butcher block in good condition.
(note: sorry for Justin working away on the upper part of the counter there)

Our fridge & other cabinets. Print on the wall to the left I got on etsy from nicodemusgreen, which says "Bacon is like a little hug from God." Great conversation piece. Next to that is a bottle opener I put on the wall for Justin.

This is the cabinet next to the fridge in the above picture. Justin painted the inside of the cabinets with chalkboard paint for me. Not only does it function as a place for shopping lists, but it also welcomes art work. Justin's niece provided the cactus drawing on the bottom. Our friend Drew provided the lovely (& appetizing) image of a dog pooping above.

Alright Becca - now it is your turn!


Becca said...

I want a home tour in-person! Like I said in my post, I love the sink area. Also love the countertops. Must be easy to clean! The chalk board paint inside the pantry is so smart. Although there are only 3 drawers, looks like a lot of cabinet space. :) Don't you love all the Orla Keily stuff at Target?

Sonchia said...

I think you need a tour in-person too. Come anytime!

PS. There is zero storage space. Looks can be deceiving.

CathyP said...

SO CUTE! Sonchia it is great!

CathyP said... that I look at my kitchen I need to clear off the countertops! I have too much crap on them. You both know how "sparse" our kitchen was at home, so that is what I actually like. Sue used to put everything away (like the coffee maker and toaster even). Now I think my coffee maker is nice, and I love my toaster so I am ok with those, but I do want to put one of those magnet strips for knives to get the butcher block away. Stuff on the counter does not bother KP at all. Sort of strange as he is a total neat freak :)

Sonchia said...

Ciggity - I don't think you have THAT much stuff considering how much counter space you have (jealous!). My absolute fave is how you stacked your footed bowls. I totally dig it & may steal that idea.