Friday, September 30

This Just In...

A photo. From the shed. The counters and sink got installed last night (late). It is all slowly coming together. It will be rad. Can't wait to share it with you all soonish.

Monday, September 26

Lampshade Lust

Saw this lamp online today. Hmm - thinking I might just buy me a cheap white shade and some sharpies and try a little DIY. You know, with all of this free time on my hands and all.

Friday, September 23


This evening MCB and I are off to IKEA. It will be a whirlwind shopping trip. A seven hour drive up to Denver tonight after work, shopping tomorrow morning, and then a seven hour drive back to Telluride tomorrow evening. I am exhausted already. It needs to get done though - as the big purchase will be flooring which needs to get installed Sunday.

So, I wanted to give a little sneak peak of a couple of items that will be purchased tomorrow. This is only a small sampling of what MCB is buying. Space saving items are a must as the shed is a mere 491 sq. ft.

We have been up late night every night after work painting away. The disgusting red walls are [finally] gone and it is slowly starting to come together. I promise some before and after photos once things are in a little better shape at the shed. It is going to be amazing though - can't wait to share.

In the meantime - here are some items that will be coming back with us from IKEA tomorrow.

This little locker will make a great TV stand.

I love this lamp. Hotness.

The bedroom is the tiniest bedroom I think I have ever seen in my life. It will hold a bed. Period. So, this little headboard number will at least give MCB some "nightstand-like" shelves. I can't wait to see it installed.

I saw this bed in a NYT article and thought it was genius. MCB's new bedroom is too small to pull drawers or anything like that from the sides. So, this is the best way to store stuff. I cannot wait to see this thing in action. Such a smart idea IKEA.

And this. This will go up in the kitchen. Mostly it will be down I suspect. But, the great part is that when it is down, it creates a little shelf. I think this is where keys and such will tossed.

Hmm - interesting that everything I am posting is white. Weird. I swear there will be color.
You will just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, September 21

Somewhere in Middle America...

Off to Omaha today for the wedding of Rob (Scott's brother) and Michelle.  
Looking forward to some Fall weather (it is 98 in Tucson today)!  

[Rob's mailbox - photo by me] 

Tuesday, September 20


This happened last night. Gross carpet...gone. Disgusting linolium...gone. Thankfully, I did not participate in this activity. Good on the guys for getting this done.

Now - time for paint. Seems the votes are in - no paint on the rafters.

Monday, September 19

The Shed.

Finally. After months and months of waiting - MCB finally closed on his first house. It is all very exciting. MCB is now the proud owner of a 491 sq. ft. historic (free standing!) alley shed in Telluride. Lots of work will be done over the course of the next couple of weeks and I hope to share some of the projects here in the blog. Heading out at lunch today to help pick out paint. I can't wait to see this cute little place evolve.

In the meantime, here is the decision du jour. Rafters. First off, this photo was taken during the first visit to the shed, when the renters were still living there. So, pay no attention to the gross decor. Ugh. Instead, notice the rafters. The thought is this - paint the ceiling "ceiling white." The trim will be "atrium white." The walls will be a nice warm green, gray, khaki type of color called "ashwood." All Benjamin Moore (of course).

I think the rafters should stay wood, sort of rustic-like. MCB is thinking of white washing them.
Anyone else have a vote here?

A peek in to the weekend....

 Taco Tote 
 Finished invitations for Bree's bridal shower
Still enjoying yummy beers from our Colorado trip! 

Sunday, September 18

Sunday Song

A lovely Sunday song for you.

Tuesday, September 13

Can we?

Yes, let's.

[from: Shaun Sundholm]

Monday, September 12

Don't forget...

Thank you Cathy for the reminder - Missoni for Target tomorrow! 

So many lovely things - check it out here.  

Love List...

Happy Monday. A little romance to start off your week. Make a list for someone you love today.

PS. Of course I would nerd out over an architect's love list.

[from: Abbey Goes Design Scouting]

Thursday, September 8

If I had a wedding....

The majority of the time I am happy that Scott and I eloped.   It made sense for us - our wedding day was fun and stress-free.   The times I wish I did have a wedding is when I think about how special it would be to have my parents and close friends around.  The other thing that makes me wish that I had a wedding?  Invitations.  
 I love them.  
If I had a desert wedding I would want my invites to look like this.  

[by designer Alison Iven]

Tuesday, September 6


I need to remember this. You do too.

[from: Urban Comfort]

Friday, September 2

TJ love

Scott just got home from a Trader Joe's conference and check out the cute TJ lunchbox and thermos they game him!  I can't wait to pack his lunch next week.

Speaking of TJ design love - my friend Michelle brought back the TJ bag from NY - so cute (Trader Joe's has a reusable bag for each state).

Thursday, September 1

Watch This...

My favorite - ever. I cry even talking about it. Seriously. Watch it now.
This scene pictured above? Absolutely positively heartbreaking.

Name Game

How adorable are these rings? I have said it before and I will say it again, I love anything with a monogram or initial. I would love a couple of these rings with the initials of those I love, all stacked together. So simple, so lovely.

Feeling Flat

Last night at dinner MCB and I had a conversation about footwear. Yes, we are weird like that. Anyway, as the temperatures around here begin to dip already, we both realized that we would be strapping on our Sorels again quite soon. I was lamenting the fact that there is never a good time to be "cute" here - between the weather (be it snow or rain) and the terrain there is just no way you can wear cute shoes without absolutely ruining them. So, I am regulated to boots or weather-proof flip flops. So boring. And then today I run across these. How cute are these? To know that I can never wear shoes like this here kills me. Sigh.