Thursday, September 8

If I had a wedding....

The majority of the time I am happy that Scott and I eloped.   It made sense for us - our wedding day was fun and stress-free.   The times I wish I did have a wedding is when I think about how special it would be to have my parents and close friends around.  The other thing that makes me wish that I had a wedding?  Invitations.  
 I love them.  
If I had a desert wedding I would want my invites to look like this.  

[by designer Alison Iven]


Sonchia said...

Love it. Exactly what I had in mind when I was planning my Tucson wedding (which obvs. never happened). So cute.

And, I love that you guys eloped. So very romantic.


Rebecca said...

updated the link to see the invites. so very cute.

Instead of a wedding lets just all celebrate for no reason some weekend at Arizona Inn. :)


Sonchia said...

ACK! Love. The whole invitation suite is amazing.

And, yes, to the AZ Inn idea. Now if only I could find the time.