Friday, April 29

Happy Friday!

Off to Seattle tomorrow for work.  
So sad to leave Tucson in the spring time - everything is blooming.  

Happy weekend friends! 

[photo taken outside the Ice House in Tucson, AZ]

Thursday, April 28

Tomato Tour

At work this week we went on an amazing tour of the University of Arizona -College of Agriculture and Life Science Farm - it is right in the middle of town.  I was amazed by the hydroponically grown produce - we even got to take home our own bag of tomatoes and cucumbers.  Yum!  
Check out all my photos here 
(Warning - there are also some graphic shots of meat - we visited the classrooms/meat lab).


For Erin....

A mix I made today with my sister in mind.

Tuesday, April 26

I've Decided...

I should make one of these. Rope, a small piece of wood and a drill for the holes? Something I might be able to manage? Home Depot here I come (only because our local hardware store doesn't carry these items). I will let you know how it goes and/or if it looks ridiculous. I only need one shelf though - for holding spices, oils, and such. Fingers crossed it will be easy and super cool looking.

[via: Seesaw Designs]

For today...


[via: Design Mom]

In awe...

I met up with an old friend that was in town to go to his girlfriend's MFA thesis project.  Luckily, I was able to join them at the end of her AMAZING show.  It will be hard for me to truly express how awesome her work is.  But I will try...

First - check out the work of Margaret Kimball here.

For her project she sent out these pretty invitations

Guests took part in a scavenger hunt that ended with drinks at Gentle Ben's in Tucson. Any project that ends at a bar is genius in my opinion.  

While on the scavenger hunt, participants found pieces of her art and put them in this 
cute bag. 

 When at the final location -  the pieces fit together in a puzzle to create these lovely drawings.  Go here to enlarge her work to enjoy them in more detail.  

The Everything will be alright Project - a great mantra for any graduate program...

Thank you Margi and Brian for the invitation! 

Saturday, April 23

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

This is lovely and I like it. That is all.

[via: Urban Comfort]

Friday, April 22

Oui Oui

My [talented] roommate Ben Knight recently visited Paris for work (I know, all expenses paid trip to Paris? I have the wrong job I think sometimes). He is a filmmaker & photographer - and only brought his iPhone with him on his trip. No other camera. Crazy? Maybe. Look at what he did with his iPhone though. Since you all aren't friends with him on FB, you don't get to see all of his pictures - featuring a lot of your typical Parisian shots (Eiffel Tower, Louvre, etc). You get to see MY favorite of his images - the more obscure images.

So I leave you all with these to drool over for the weekend. Makes me want to visit Paris all over again.

NYC in pictures

A few photos from the NYC trip last week.  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 20

End of the Day

I cannot get enough of this song by Doug Paisley (or the entire album). 

Tuesday, April 19

Steamboat Studio & Such...

I am a lucky girl to get to visit MCB's folks up in Steamboat on occasion. They live in a wonderful historic house downtown. While that is fine and lovely - one of my favorite bits about visiting their home is the back cottage. This is where we sleep while in town visiting. This is also where the new studio/workshop is housed. So, I get to drool over all things crafty during my visits. One of these days I swear I will have some private lessons by these amazing artists. For now, let's just go on a little tour of the studio together...

Molly Wilson is all things artistic. This woman is crazy talented. And guess what, I can't even link you to a site. Not Etsy, not nothing. Everything she does is one of a kind and is amazing. This is her work table. If that typewriter goes missing one day, I may or may not have something to do with it. Just saying.

So inviting. I just want to do something here. While Molly's current medium focuses mostly on block printing & mixed media pieces...she can draw, paint, etc. Yep...multi-talented that one.
Side note: she can also make a mean lampshade.

The press. Love.

Stacks of work in progress.

Some of the finished items...together in a collage.

So, as if that weren't enough, Von Wilson is a blacksmith (chiropractor, unicyclist, banjo player, father, husband, coffee roaster, you name it - all around Renaissance Man). Von's shop is in the downstairs portion of the back cottage. The utility of it all is such the antithesis of the daintier art created upstairs, yet it all works together in harmony perfectly.

Anvil. Awesomeness.

I wish I had taken more photographs of Von's work, but I didn't - next time. The thing of it is, it is the little touches around the house that I find the most intriguing. Like the sliding door railing here & the handle with the finger pull. I love the way it makes the everyday just that much more beautiful.

I am sure to have more photos on subsequent can I not?

Two Things...

1. I want to go back to here. There's a lovely beach at the bottom.
A little bit of heaven.

2. All kinds of truths. Do it.
[via: Miss Moss]

Tuesday, April 12

NYC bound

Off to NYC for work.  Hoping to squeeze in a few fun things!  

Sunday, April 10

This week...

There will be some of this with MCB.

And hopefully lots of this.

Then a little of this.

And hopefully a lot more of that.

Oh - and hopefully my computer will get fixed. We will see. And then I can post while I am away. Woop.

Friday, April 8

Friday Faves

As you go about your weekend - remember this.

Yeah, Yeah - reverse image. So lame that I cannot fix this. I am on my work computer - which does not have photo shop. I also do not have my camera. So, this was taken with my web cam in my office and I cannot figure out how to "flip" this image so it reads correctly - c'est la vie. Anyway, I am loving all of my new tape...some purchased in SF recently & more brought home for me unexpectedly from Paris (thanks BK). I made little thank you cards using them - such fun!

Digging these new pendant lights from (of all places) IKEA. I love the way the light seems to get diffused - soft, warm. And, only $8 for the shade...sold.

This little lovely I received as a birthday gift this year. I absolutely adore this radio and the sound is killer. We only have one radio station here in Telluride, but now that I have received this puppy - I have been listening to it non-stop no matter what they are playing.

This is the only "white" I would like to see right now. Instead, we are getting hammered with more snow. Hurry Spring!

Sigh. My computer remains broken - I need to see if I can find a way to get it fixed. Of course, I hope I don't have to replace it as I really don't have the money to spend on a new laptop. In the meantime, my roommate got an iPad. It is awesome. And now, I am thinking if I have to replace my computer - why not just get one of these? I mean, do I really need a full computer at home if I have one at work? It would save me some money. Let's discuss.

And finally, a potential new project? Details to come (when they happen).

Portland revisited...

Over Spring Break I went to visit Portland - I had not been in 10 years or more.  
So much cuteness, good eats and drinks, and fun friends.  
Here is a quick run down of a few spots I visited that you should check out.