Wednesday, April 6

Rugs Bug.

I am at a loss to find a rug that I am really jazzed about for the babe's room...The two above are ok, and would both work, but realistically should I just go with a natural fiber and call it done?


Sonchia said...


I hear you re: rug dilemma. I feel as though I am searching for the perfect that won't break the bank & still looks good.

Here is what happened to me recently. I have been using jute boucle rugs from West Elm for years in my house without issue. They are cheap, natural fiber, they wear really well, and look nice for the price. The only thing is...Matt's dog got sick all over one of the "flax" colored versions I have in my bedroom this weekend - throw up all over the place. Come to find out...these puppies are a bitch to clean. I love them, but the natural jute fibers seem to just lock in spills/stains. So, just food for thought. With a baby - maybe go for something that can take spills (from puke to formula) easily. At least ones you can get cleaned if needed. Mine - needs total replacement. Sigh.


Julie said...

I've found some really nice ones from hautelook, including the one I got for our kids' room. All wool, really soft, cheap.
At least once a week the specials include rugs...

Matthew said...

Oh Hello. I am responsible for the aforementioned rug debacle.

Belle's accident (s) was (were) more of a radiant marigold hue than flax, sadly. Nearly a match.

But! as someone who has never actually owned a rug of one's own — get it? — let me say this: If the walls are vibrant, then the bottom rug is a spectacular choice, in my humble (and perhaps irrelevant) opinion. If the room itself is more subdued, then perhaps the more colorful rug would make a better choice.

And oh yea. What Sonchia said.

Sonchia said...

CP: I should have looked at your link before my previous comment. I also have a bunch of Dash & Albert rugs in my place (not just West Elm). I use them in the bathroom (at the sink) and in the kitchen. While I dig them all, I have found that the Indoor/Outdoor versions are the best. They look very nice & are super durable. Like super duper. And, they are easy to clean.

Here is what I think you should get...

Neutral with a nice pattern -

It would work well with all of the colors going on in there (red stars, neutral/white polka dots, blues, etc).

Do it.

CathyP said...

Oh thanks...I have been trying to figure out here where I can go see an indoor/outdoor version to see if it is soft, etc. SOLD...thank you :)