Friday, April 8

Friday Faves

As you go about your weekend - remember this.

Yeah, Yeah - reverse image. So lame that I cannot fix this. I am on my work computer - which does not have photo shop. I also do not have my camera. So, this was taken with my web cam in my office and I cannot figure out how to "flip" this image so it reads correctly - c'est la vie. Anyway, I am loving all of my new tape...some purchased in SF recently & more brought home for me unexpectedly from Paris (thanks BK). I made little thank you cards using them - such fun!

Digging these new pendant lights from (of all places) IKEA. I love the way the light seems to get diffused - soft, warm. And, only $8 for the shade...sold.

This little lovely I received as a birthday gift this year. I absolutely adore this radio and the sound is killer. We only have one radio station here in Telluride, but now that I have received this puppy - I have been listening to it non-stop no matter what they are playing.

This is the only "white" I would like to see right now. Instead, we are getting hammered with more snow. Hurry Spring!

Sigh. My computer remains broken - I need to see if I can find a way to get it fixed. Of course, I hope I don't have to replace it as I really don't have the money to spend on a new laptop. In the meantime, my roommate got an iPad. It is awesome. And now, I am thinking if I have to replace my computer - why not just get one of these? I mean, do I really need a full computer at home if I have one at work? It would save me some money. Let's discuss.

And finally, a potential new project? Details to come (when they happen).


Rebecca said...

Love your tape thank you card! that is so cute.

iPad - I think it would be a great buy. If you have a work computer at your office, the iPad is perfect for home. See when the next generation is coming out. Research how much storage you want/need.

That radio is sweet!

Curious about the upcoming project.

I will try not to forget to be awesome. tee hee.

CathyP said...

Awesome: check... ha ha ha..need a laugh on a Monday.

New project, and there is a cute little house in the photo, tell us!!!

Love the Tivoli, we have sold them in the past, great product.

Ipad. I am getting one, just haven't made it to the Apple Store to wait in line yet...