Friday, April 22

Oui Oui

My [talented] roommate Ben Knight recently visited Paris for work (I know, all expenses paid trip to Paris? I have the wrong job I think sometimes). He is a filmmaker & photographer - and only brought his iPhone with him on his trip. No other camera. Crazy? Maybe. Look at what he did with his iPhone though. Since you all aren't friends with him on FB, you don't get to see all of his pictures - featuring a lot of your typical Parisian shots (Eiffel Tower, Louvre, etc). You get to see MY favorite of his images - the more obscure images.

So I leave you all with these to drool over for the weekend. Makes me want to visit Paris all over again.


Rebecca said...

these pics are amazing. love them and I want to go back to Paris now. Lucky roomie - if he needs someone to carry his bags, I am available. :)

Sonchia said...

Ha. And, can you believe these were all taken with his iPhone? Crazy.