Sunday, April 10

This week...

There will be some of this with MCB.

And hopefully lots of this.

Then a little of this.

And hopefully a lot more of that.

Oh - and hopefully my computer will get fixed. We will see. And then I can post while I am away. Woop.


CathyP said...

Where the heck are you going? I am so jealous...I was trying to convince KP to take me to Hawaii to have the baby yesterday, he said no. I need some sun....and a Margarita :)

Rebecca said...

yes! Where are you going? So jealous!!
Beach is def in need.
I am off to NYC on Thursday for work. Ugh. wish it was the beach!!! Lucky S!

Sonchia said...

Telluride to Moab to Laguna Beach. Yay for sand (esp. considering it snowed at home yesterday)