Tuesday, April 19

Steamboat Studio & Such...

I am a lucky girl to get to visit MCB's folks up in Steamboat on occasion. They live in a wonderful historic house downtown. While that is fine and lovely - one of my favorite bits about visiting their home is the back cottage. This is where we sleep while in town visiting. This is also where the new studio/workshop is housed. So, I get to drool over all things crafty during my visits. One of these days I swear I will have some private lessons by these amazing artists. For now, let's just go on a little tour of the studio together...

Molly Wilson is all things artistic. This woman is crazy talented. And guess what, I can't even link you to a site. Not Etsy, not nothing. Everything she does is one of a kind and is amazing. This is her work table. If that typewriter goes missing one day, I may or may not have something to do with it. Just saying.

So inviting. I just want to do something here. While Molly's current medium focuses mostly on block printing & mixed media pieces...she can draw, paint, etc. Yep...multi-talented that one.
Side note: she can also make a mean lampshade.

The press. Love.

Stacks of work in progress.

Some of the finished items...together in a collage.

So, as if that weren't enough, Von Wilson is a blacksmith (chiropractor, unicyclist, banjo player, father, husband, coffee roaster, you name it - all around Renaissance Man). Von's shop is in the downstairs portion of the back cottage. The utility of it all is such the antithesis of the daintier art created upstairs, yet it all works together in harmony perfectly.

Anvil. Awesomeness.

I wish I had taken more photographs of Von's work, but I didn't - next time. The thing of it is, it is the little touches around the house that I find the most intriguing. Like the sliding door railing here & the handle with the finger pull. I love the way it makes the everyday just that much more beautiful.

I am sure to have more photos on subsequent visits...how can I not?


Rebecca said...

Wow. This sounds like my dream cottage. The press - the typewriter- ahhh. love it all. Sounds like the renaissance family! impressed, jealous, inspired, and all that.

MGF Steamboat Colorado said...

Sonchia, you nailed it!! or hammered it or pressed it. Whatever the term may be you captured the essence of it all. Thanks for YOUR amazing
ability to depict their incredible magic.