Monday, July 13

Zucchinni Spaghetti and the Mini Stove...

fig.4. The Kitchen.
Pros: New cabinets, counters, and disposal. Cons: The Mini Stove and Fridge. Also the oh-so-practical full size dishwasher? I mean I could go on and on about the poor design of this place...So the kitchen is just hooked onto the living room. See the bottom of the photo? Yeah, that is the back of the couch...ouch.
fig.5. The rest of the mini kitchen....
The fridge, no it is not cut off in the picture, it is really that small. I like to think of it as very Euro, we have to shop often for fresh ingredients.
Now on to something a little more exciting. Zucchini Spaghetti. Delicious.
SO you need a tool to make this...see the silver guy in the photo, it is like a peeler but it makes a julienne...ingenious!
Do It: Julienne a bunch of Zucchini (like 4 or 5). Heat up a pan, add Olive oil, Garlic, Red Pepper Flakes, S/P. When oil is hot, add all the zucchini....toss and turn....then add Parmesan Cheese. If it seems dry, add white wine, a squeeze of lemon, or stock. YUM.

Uses for this Spaghetti.
1) Great Side dish all on it's own.
2) Mix it with Marinara and eat it really like Spaghetti.
3) Add Cherry Tomatoes, Goat Cheese, and Chicken.
4) Instead of Parmesan Cheese, add a can of Rotel and some Queso Fresco for Calabasitas.
4) This is also good cold...add some to a salad


Becca said...

Love this salad idea! Will make tonight! Thanks C!
Your kitchen - I like all the counter space and the fridge forces you to not hold on to things too long.
Scott went crazy this weekend on the kitchen (yes pics up soon) and decided he can't handle all the stuff I keep on the counter. It is so stark now...can't decide if I like.

Sonchia said...

First - YUMMY! I so cannot wait to make this! I feel a Sunday night dinner coming on. Can I use a mandolin for this too? To julienne I mean? We don't have a kitchen store to get the "silver guy" and I want to make this sooner rather than later. Obviously, I already own a mandolin.

On another note - love what you have done with the place my darling. The kitchen looks great. I wish I had as much storage space as you do! Though "small" it is much bigger than mine! Color me green with envy.

Becca - yes, pictures soon. I too have a "thing" with stuff on the counter, but you need some stuff. Coffee maker - a must. Knives - a must. Cooking utensils - a must. So, what are the essentials you guys now keep out? I am curious.

Becca said...

Made this last night! So good! Used the Julienne function on the mandolin. Worked perfectly. I am in to one dish meals, so added Whole What Gnocchi, tomatoes and basil to bulk it up a little. Thank you Cath!!

Sonchia said...

I cannot wait to make this - you guys are making me hungry.

Sonchia said...

I finally made this last night! Super yummy. How do you guys keep it from not getting runny though. My zuccs were (& are) swimming in water from the veggie. The water came out once I heated up all of the veggies. Any tips?