Friday, October 1

the answer to so many questions....

I hope I am just posting on something you already know about and are saving up for. "The Original Scrapbox" or what I am calling ...."The amazing cabinet to stick all the crap you have in tubs and move from apartment to apartment, state to state and still don't make anything major but have full intentions to, so you keep accumulating all this stuff for making crafts that are just in your head"

I think I would really get to work if I had one of these...I am inspired by looking at it!

And this cool chick owns one too :)

casa sugar

TGIF Play-az


Sonchia said...

I just saw this yesterday. Mind blowing. I see you (Cathy) owning this. And then you will invite Becca & I over every week for wine & crafts. Plan on it.

Rebecca said...

Girls. Sorry I have been MIA today. I got a new computer at work so was out of commission until now.
So - LOVE THIS. I totally see cathy having this and I would be jealous of the organization. Wine and crafts = perfection.