Wednesday, October 6

Smokey Says....

My latest craft project was inspired by our Smokey the Bear obsession every year at the Cabin.  Thanks to our friend Ryan we even have Smokey the bear flannel sheets in a bedroom at the cabin.  (I did not know about the following article that my sister told me about  in this book titled - "Smokey Bear is a White Racist Pig" when I made my craft.  I still love Smokey's look, but will have to read this book to learn more about his upsetting past)

[Vintage Smokey posters on Apartment Therapy]

[Smokey in the Jemez Spring parade]

My craft involved linoleum printing
Basically you carve the linoleum and create a stamp. 
Roll paint on the stamp and you now have your print.  
(Notice the Bud Light in the picture - it obviously helped with the project.)

[I am happy to say that my Smokey card is now being displayed on the fridge at the cabin]


Sonchia said...

THIS is amazing! How did you put the image on the linoleum in the first place? Did you just free hand it? Did you draw/print the image out the "right" way & then transfer it on the linoleum so it would be "backwards?" It is like a big custom stamp. I love this. Makes me want to make my own cards. Any chance you can also give me a materials list? I don't have a crafts store anywhere nearby, but maybe on my next trip to the "real world" I can find one. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I've been dreaming of making hen linoleum prints for a while. You'll have to show me.

Rebecca said...

It is so fun - I highly recommend it! You all would love it.

Here is the kit I have:
It has everything you need (comes with black paint) but you can buy other colors if you want.
I picked mine up at Micheal's in Tucson. Any Art supply store/craft store should have something similar.

I free-handed the drawing right on to the linoleum (while looking at a picture of smokey online). Then use the carving tool (it comes with various sizes) to scrape out the part you don't want. It is so much fun!

Here is a nice how to:

Sonchia said...

You did freehand this? I am so impressed.