Monday, October 18


If you are my friend, you know that I say "Yay" for just about everything.  It is my favorite word.   I have a good friend where our entire conversations are saying "Yay" back and forth to each other.   I got an invite for a social gathering that made me smile.  The title of the event is "Yay" and described like this:

YAY!I: come generate random joy and happiness feelings! We'll be hanging out in the shade by the side of the street, yaying strangers as they pass, with the intention of making them feel good. Maybe they will join us.
Bring a chair. If you bring champagne, remember it's not legal on the street so be discreet. Come for the whole time, or just drop by.


Sonchia said...

Yay! I love this! And you.

Desert Spring Families said...

Yay!! I love this too!!!
It's one of my favorite words also.
I remember when I first realized I could spell it "yay"--I knew I didn't mean "yeah" or "yea", but "yay" wasn't really in circulation in the mid-80s spelling world. So, yay!! It is bouncy and arch-y. Like a backbend or somersault.
I love you!