Tuesday, October 26

Remember Mama

My mother is wonderful, thoughtful and loving.  
She always packed sweet notes in our lunch boxes.   
She treated us like princesses when we were not feeling well.  
She pretty much spoiled us in the best ways possible.  

Well, she arrived back in New Mexico today after a week long trip to Texas.  I guess she thought my sister (who is a very responsible person) might forget to pick her up at the airport.  Check out this sign my mom hung on my sister's fridge to remind her of the flight time.  Makes me giggle.   


growfamilygrow said...

Too sweet. Did I tell you I now leave notes in my daughter's lunchbox along with the menu? She loves it.

Sonchia said...

Yay Nona!

Rebecca said...

yay Nona!!

Rachel - Love the notes AND menu in bean's lunchbox. A very lucky girl. Can you make me lunch too? :)