Wednesday, April 7

The Dollhouse

I loved my dollhouse.  My dad built it for me (maybe I can find a picture when I am at home this weekend) complete with locks/keys for each door.  It was a Victorian house painted the same color as our actual house (grey with white trim).  Sadly, it was destroyed in a tornado that pretty much took 1/2 of our actual house and 2 dollhouses (long story that can only be told over many glasses of wine).  I remember my dad digging through the pieces of our house, looking for any reminders of the dollhouse that took him 3 years to build for me. 

So - someday I will have another dollhouse.  Here are some lovely options.  

My friend Maryn with her lovely green dollhouse complete with solar panels and wind power.  Lucky girl!

So modern and sleek....and $750?!?! Found on chulamama

If you love all things miniature - you have to check out these dollhouse tours on apartment therapy and so many on mini modern!  

ps.  I posted this too early - just saw this slideshow from the NYT as seen on Decor8

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