Monday, May 3

Music Monday

While reading Rebecca's recent post on mix tapes, I immediately thought of this series of artwork made completely out of cassette tape. Pretty cool.

London Calling

The Cure


Also, while playing Sequence (I think I may be addicted) with friends at our house last night - a Phoenix song came up on the shuffle mix on my iTunes. A friend told me to check out this video below.
Enjoy - Happy Monday.


Rebecca said...

Just got to watch this video. These kids are so cute and in to it. Makes me sad that music programs are being cut in schools. ) :

The tape inspired artwork - genius!

What is the board game you speak of? Should I get it for the cabin?

Sonchia said...

It is called Sequence. You play with regular playing cards, but there is a board you play on. It was pretty confusing to learn, but then it was super addictive. I am not sure I would have understood it by reading the directions alone - it helped that our friends had played it before.

Glad you like the video - these kids crack me up.