Wednesday, May 19

Wedding Weekend - Miami Style

I did not keep my promise. I got lazy and did not take as many photos as I should have. So many great opportunities to catch the South Beach Art Deco style. Oh well. Here are a few shots of mine and the wedding photographer to help sum up the weekend.

Photo by me - top of the Townhouse Hotel with hipstamatic iPhone app
Photo by me. Love this bright red swing at the front of our hotel.
Photo by me.  Wonderful hotel signs on Collins Ave. in South Beach.
Photo by Roy Llera Photography.  So happy! 
Photo by Roy Llera Photography. So sweet.  Perfect Setting!
Pretty much sums up the party.  : ) Photo by Roy Llera Photography 


CathyP said...

Are you singing "Livin' on a Prayer" in that photo?

Sonchia said...

Never been. Need to go. Lovely.

Rebecca said...

Cath - I am totally serious - I think that is what was playing.

Sonchia - South Beach was like Cancun + Vegas. A little bit over the top, but def. entertaining.