Tuesday, May 25

I want to go to there...

Design*Sponge just posted one of their great city guides for Tucson. So many favorite haunts on this list. All time fave - The Arizona Inn. I wish I could live there I love it that much. Anything missing from this list? Wanting to pack my bags right now for a visit.


CathyP said...

I love that place.

When I was digging through photos this weekend, I found one of us with our feet in the pool eating ice cream sundaes :) I think this is when Sonchia's mom visited?

Sonchia said...

Yes - that was the trip. When she came to visit when we were all living together that summer...1997? God, that sounds forever ago.

Anyone up for a trip in August (soonest time I can escape)? Hot weather = great deals in Tucson. I need to be at the AZ Inn!

Rebecca said...

So excited to see the Design*Sponge guide to Tucson. I think they did a great job and hit many of my favorite spots. I loved the shout out to many of our friends in here too. Although they mentioned Poca Cosa, no link to the restaurant (sorry now I am getting picky). Come visit and we can visit lots of these fun spots!

Yes - we need to hang at AZ Inn! We went for brunch the other day, I took some great photos I will post soon.